What CPU is better for gaming?

Intel core i5-3570 3.4GHz

Intel core i7 3820 3.6 GHz


Intel core i7 3770 @ 3.5 GHz

i5 is perfect for gaming but if you want to record or render videos/3d modeling etc adobe programs get i7 other wise just i5 if its only for gaming

Yeah, I will just use this computer for gaming.

Thanks a lot!

Pretty easy:

i7 3820 is the best from the 3. But all should do well. Myself i use the i5 but its a bit over-clocked on my system.

Reason for 3820 is if your running games that aren’t well threaded. As example minecraft has 1 main thread doing the most important stuff. So higher clock on the cpu gives a better performance/fps.

most expensive

If it where me, I would go for the one with the fastest clocking speed, So it would be the i7 @ 3.6GHz

definetly the 3770

I’ve only used the i7 4770k, so I can’t give you an accurate answer, but I will tell you that the i7 is overkill for really just about everything, even some quite heavy video rendering and editing that I do (I do also use two GTX Titans though, so that could be taking a lot of the load.) Anyways, you will likely not need an i7 for gaming for another couple years, I would guess, just get the i5.

I currently have i7 3770k, no trouble running any of the games i play.

Overclocked i7-3960x :wink:

get a 4670k instead unless you already have a motherboard etc

why is this in the rust subforum?

get the most expensive one because that obviously means it’s better

im sorry but amd CPUs are way better to handle than intel cpus that and most grphix cards work better with amd than intel as well

Expensive does mostly mean better, but that doesn’t mean you NEED that extra performance, if you are doing only gaming, you are never going to need an i7, hell you don’t even really need an i5, going FX from AMD is best, in my opinion. They are cheap, great for gaming, but not much else :v: