What Da fuck ? -no-

Just for fun.
Request Theard Closeing !

“I recently found this website”.

This would be a lot more believable if your forum name wasn’t the same as the one on the site, idiot.

The owner of the website get my name and posted it
I dont use YAHOO, only facebook/steam/skype :| My skype isnt : midomdevil
It is : midomthegamer

The website under your avatar is www.midomdevil.com.



Epic Fail :suicide::suicide::suicide:

Worst.Hacker.Ever. I think we have a winner for this year

Post of the year , of the fucking year

Hello mister hacker, what 1337 tutorial did you follow to make these 1337est of hacks?


Okay, this made me laugh my ass off. He can stop you easily if you all have down syndrome.



Wow OP, you are really a special one :v:

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Oh god, for some reason, this is what comes to mind when I saw that :v:


It’s like special needs l33t haxx0rs.

at least he used decent music :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s that song on your website; I like it.

I don’t think this hacker man is ever going to show his face around here again mate, purely out of shame.

Hacker?!? More like stupid kiddie…

Ban his ip garry.

No, keep it up so we can all remember the epic failure that is Midom’s website.

This killed me.

I’m sorry, when’s the funeral?