What dedicated server is the best?


as our RP server (50 slots atm, will get 64 on a dedicated) is getting popular by the time (20-30 players), we are forced to give our players more performance, as atm the server lags like hell by hitting 30+ players. As GMOD servers are single-core only and I want to be sure, before I buy crap, I’ll hope for a answer here.

My server hoster https://www.g-portal.com/de/rootserver/index who I trust alot and who helped me in nearly every situation, offers 4 different servers. The Intel Core i7 3770K seems to be nice, it has 3,5 GHZ and 4 cores + 4 Hyperthreading. I was thinking of moving my 4 TTT servers (each 20 slots) and one RP server on this on dedicated too . I would still have 3 cores left right?
Does Hyperthreading affect the server performance positively?

Will a XEON CPU be better? I found this site, offering XEON servers:

Thanks for every answer!
Sorry for this crappy english.

In my experience the best CPUs to run Garry’s Mod on are i7, preferably latest versions like the i7-6700k. I don’t think you will be noticing that much difference with a Xeon processor.

Intel XEON E3-1240v5 4 x 3,5 GHz and Intel Core i7 3770K should be nice. But can I run 8 servers on a 8 core CPU?

If you have 8 cores doesn’t mean you can run 8 servers. You will probably have a small webserver and a MySQL server running which need their CPU power too. So it’s wise to reserve atleast 1 core for that. Also you might run into speed problems with a normal hard drive and memory since you are running 7 servers that want to access these things at the same time. Though I can’t confirm if you will actually run into this problem. Also your network bandwidth needs to allow enough players else it will only get laggy.

Maybe you should look at your Garry’s Mod server too why it is performing this bad. Might also be the cause of badly coded addons.

The server run bad mainly because of the bad hardware, as they are cheap servers. I pay 20€ max for him. I was thinking of buying Intel i7 2600K 4x 3,4 GHZ for DarkRP and any ~2GHZ+ for TTT. The servers shouldn’t lag then right?

In all honesty being gmod is so old(being realesed in 2004) any server 2.5ghz will run it just fine.

i currently have a dual xeon e5 machine thats 16 cores 32 threads at 2.66ghz and 3.5 boost and it runs a arma 3 server a minecraft server and 4 gmod servers and a Linux vps for our website. and we haven’t had any issues with any of the servers.

really what it comes down too is what game mode your running. although darkrp is extremely popular its horrible on fps where if you use nutscript clock work or a custom rp game mode you will have a huge performance increase.

for a gmod server you will be fine with what ever as long as it is 2.5ghz or higher and you know how to optimize correctly.

also since your in germany ide suggest looking at https://www.hetzner.de
alot of people will talk down on it from time to time but ive never had a issue with them.

if you do the server bidding you can from time to time get amazing deals on really high end servers also.

Hetzner is a good company for the price but they don’t offer any game server DDOS protection. By far the most popular in Europe is OVH which has DDOS protection for gameservers.

They give basic ddos protection now i know a few months ago they didnt give anything or atleast when we had servers open in germany they didnt have any kind of ddos protection and we were kinda out of luck if we were to be attacked.

luckly the community i run isn’t really subject to being attacked as its one of a kind and theres not multiple servers exactly alike fighting for the top.

i know a year or so ago when i was running normal darkrp there was community’s ddosing each other every day to bring each other down but i don’t see that as much anymore pretty much the only threat now is skiddies and at that point you can always have your host ban there ip from there network

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