What did i do wrong with this? LUA

timer.Create( “gsmem”, 300, 0, function()
for k, v in pairs(GF.GetPlayers()) do
if v:IsSuperAdmin() or v:IsVIP() then
v:GiveScrapMetal(3, “Due to donating you mysteriously found 3 scrap metal”)
v:GiveScrapMetal(1, “You have found a piece of Scrap”)

I want players in my server to get scrap over time, it doesn’t work at the moment. What am i doing wrong?

Also this is with GoldenForge

What doesn’t work? Do you get errors? Does simply nothing happen? Where did you place the code?

The superadmins and VIPs get their 3 scrapmetal however other players do not get their 1, it’s as though the If function stops before checking the ‘else’ even if the first statement isn’t true. No errors appear. and the code is placed in autorun/server

Is that enough info?

why not try
v:IsNotSuperAdmin() or v:IsNotVIP() then
v:GiveScrapMetal(1, “message”)
or what ever the code is for is not

If you’re a novice yourself then don’t offer help.

I have tried a few other methods of getting this working, and nothing seems to work. I’m not desperate to get this working, it would just be really helpful, so any advice would be great.