What did i ever do to you? All i did was fly the ship.

Kai happens to catch Joker while he was on leave


I took the picture with two extra angles anyway


It takes place at midnight in Tokyos Redlight district Kabuki-cho


Get him Kei Leng, do Cerberus proud! >:)

That ad in the third screenshot is very distracting.

LoL i could imagine the conversation joker would have with kai most of it would be dont kill me while shitting his pants and then saying its shepards fault what did i ever do to you.

He seems very oddly posed to be holding a blade to a man.

Posing is not very good. Practice more.

Then what would you proposal that would look more realistic with the posing? Besides jokers arm looking abit stiff the characters atlest maybe only to me seems to be in believble positions that are anotomicaly correct for humans to be in.

If you don’t think anything is wrong with Kai in the third screen I don’t think I can offer anything to you.

I know the way hes holding the sword is off but that is a limit of the model you cant actually articulate the hand to point a sword like you can in RL the hand bones have their limits.

You need to work on the angles.

Hehehe yeah, I could imagine that too :wink:

yeah i know i take multiple pics because i try to figure out the best angle for the shot so i take it from different angles until i find one that works best and sometimes even then i cant decide on which one is the best that captures the whole scene.