What did you do when you played Gmod for the first time?

I made box forts :3

This thread…again

I think the first thing I did was stick some wheels onto a vending machine, then wonder why it still wouldn’t move :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Made an army of rebells vs zombies or combine…
  2. Tried to make a car.
  3. Tried to make sex poses for a crack which failed miserably.
  4. Drove in a Jeep around the map for no apparent reason.

Spawned 1 Jeep, maxed out the thruster limit on the back of it, got in, hit the button, and held on for dear life.

Five seconds later I was laughing my ass off at all the spins and flips it was doing.

Wondered what the hell to do, looking at the options menu sure didn’t help >_>

Loaded de_dust2, spawned a Jeep and drove all around the map. Then played with NPC.

Bath tub car.

Inflated npcs,attached thrusters and balloons to ragdolls with retarded face poses,and laughed my ass off.

Tried to make a swing set… Failed miserably.

where dafuq is the spawning button? presses, flashes for a second
holds Q, figures it out
After the initial screwing around with throwing stuff I made an RPG agility course, you had to guide a rocket through some rings

I made heaps of balls and ate them till i had 1000 health on de_dust2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Spawned loads of fast zombies, then had to run away from them whilst I figured out where the undo key was.

I shot kleiner in the nutsack 300 times with an AR2

I threw vending machines in the air and jumped on it, to marvel at the ragdoll physics.

I dropped a toilet on my head.

Either that or i spawned around 100 Melons and put them in a dumpster, then tipped it on myself. Honestly, this game is strange.

random deathmatch because i can. :v:

Tried to make a house without using things like the Useful Construction Props.

Basically, crates, shelves and barrels.

I kept spawning too many of these


Tried to build a car, failed in a very explosive manner and then proceeded to turn G-Mod into a HL2 Survival simulator by spawning thousands of combines