What did you first do when you got gmod??

Well, i remember when i got gmod i joined some random build server…and all i saw was errors. Then i was all like " Hey wtf i wanna build with errors to how are you doing that?" I saw some guy that had made a ferris wheel but all i saw was errors. So i opened spawn menu searched “Error” and there was an affect …i had kept trying to spawn it so i can build lol but i go so frustrated because they wouldn’t allow effects…So i went ranting on how is everyone building with errors and stuff… until finally some random guy told me to install phx and wiresvn…and i came back and no errors…:D…When i had came back into the server i had thought to myself…“Daaam i was stupid lol”…

I think there’s been like 10 of these threads now and a motherloading huge majority of the answers were “go singleplayer” or “join a sandbox server”. Pretty much what I did too.

I played singplayer killing zombie npcs for half a year.

Made a rocket-propelled tank that floated and ran into me.

spawned a box

i spawned your mom

Made a wooden boat out of crates and nailed it together because I figured you could only weld metal props

Joined some place wondering why there were errors everywhere, at first I thought the game was broke but then I figured I was missing something(s).

Other then that I tried posing ragdolls and failed miserably.
That was back in January.
Now I’m an admin in a server network/community.

Time really does fly, eh?

Shot the pistol

Sexpose with Alyx and Mossman.

Spawned a Zombie, didn’t know how to switch weapons or undo at the time so I ended up fleeing (The map was GM_Construct, so the Zombie was able to use the nodes to chase me). Other than experimenting with NPCs and having a fair few battles, I made a pathetic ‘plane’ that soon caused the ‘black hole’ effect and killed me. :smile:

Same here, I loved singleplayer.

First I played single player then failed at ragdoll posing. Then I joined a Deathrun/Fretta server and played that for a good week. Then my friend told me to join the server he was on (Friendly Players DarkRP). I then learned how to minge, by getting money printers then propblocking them, I thought it was OK because he was doing it).

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I had already known how to join servers and stuff because I played HL2:DM for a good year.

Killed Dr. Kleiner

When I first downloaded Gmod outside of…normal means, I just built with PHX. When a friend of mine gave it to me on Steam, I immediately joined a server and saw a douchebag admin noclipping when no one else could with his pretty little admin gun and admin superhealth out.

I pretty much stick to single-player now.

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I spawned a Metro Cop ragdoll and 3 bath tubs… And failed at making a ship with the laundry car model.

Slapped about 25 thrusters onto the HL2 jeep.

Went into singleplayer and played with some features, learning as I went. I knew a lot already because I had already played the HL2 games for quite a long time. I browsed sandbox servers for a while, and eventually I ended up at a server in which my friend was (and still is) an admin. From the people on that server, I learned about Wiremod, PHX, SVN, and other stuff. I play on that server to this day, every day, and I’m now an admin there.

Pressed ‘start game’

Nah, I made a Jeep covered in turrets…

…ah, the days of mingebagness. There needs to be a Mingebag day where we all build stuff like that.

We hold such days on my server, because there’s nothing minges like doing like spawning public dupes, we make toned of minge contraptions and put them there. It’s halarious. For example we made a “stealth bomber” that was a water heater and blast door. The rules are:

no wire
no ep/pa
no shift-e

only things minges can use. It’s very funny