What direction are the devs heading in, and what will the game look like in the end?

I am curious as to what kind of information people have gathered. I realize the game is still in development, but I am curious as to how people think the game will be on release based on current information. Will there be modern weapons? Will the mechanics change to make it more social?

What do you guys think/know?

Little did I know my steam discussion would I get buried so here is something related and things to think about for end game stuff

Where to even begin? To those of you like myself who have already emerged yourself into this raw and simple yet superb survival I don’t need to go any further explaining how awesome it is. To me it feels like Dayz but with the fluidity of most other FPS as Dayz can often feel slower and robotic. I’m so happy to see how fun this game is while still only being in alpha and I wanted to take whatever opportunity to have my voice heard by someone who can hopefully make :heart::heart::heart::heart: happen! Although just being slightly short of perfect I was hoping to see some things added in the game including but not limited to:

  1. Ability to craft 1 floor of basement/underground foundation. Perhaps a rare item titled for example “Wood Foundation (Underground)” could be place and created space one wall deep to build into.

  2. Rare taming whistles and/or saddles: This would perhaps to be interesting to see on some servers. The pitch being that a rare taming item for wolves and bears be available for use to simply tame after a few tries on said animal. It would would have 3 simple commands. Attack, Defend, Disown. And to keep players from having permanent animals and make short use of the item you can feed it once every 5 minutes or it leaves/dies. This ensures that players get to enjoy it once in awhile but not keep pets forever. (Balance=pets are just as easy to kill as other animals and are mainly a distraction tool than damage/power item). As rust is not entirely huge or long to get through a saddle could perhaps give a speed boost as little as 20%-30%. (Balance=Cannot fire weapons/use items other than torch while mounted)

Bonus! Incase of pet killing another animal it has a set of loot slots that automatically fetch random loot up but only items limited to animal fat, cloth, and raw food.

  1. Fire/flame/firework arrows: I couldnt stop thinking about how cool it would be to craft one of these only to shoot a signal into the sky! It’s definitely difficult to describe to your friends which rock you are next to. (Balance=gives your position to other players too)

  2. Booby traps & trap defuse kits: Everyone loves a good trap whether it’s good old fashioned trip wire, a siberian tiger trap (pit with spikes) or just a simple bear trap. (Balance=everyone can booby trap their own base)

1.What kind of apocalyptic survival game doesn’t feature an iconic hunting rifle!? (Enough said! Not bagging =3)

Let me know what everyone thinks! Positive or negative I don’t care, speak your mind =D

I hope they make it more tribal. Taking away of the modern weapons, which are pretty easy to use against many foes, and stick with home made weapons that are kind of a bit crappier. This way gathering in numbers makes a bigger difference and one guy can’t go in and take out 8 people in a single spree.

If it takes more skill to kill someone it may lead people to being more social in the game and gathering together to defend their village or land.

I can’t find the exact post but garry said something along the lines of like fallout actually, making our own towns, our own rules, not crappy little wooden buildings, huge cities and possible governments, he wants it to be a survival game, Warring factions would be a big part of it.

I love that you can make your own “good” weapons. I do think that they should be incredibly more expensive though. It should be a very high risk situation when you take out something like that… I love that dynamic.

as a environment modeler myself, i am pretty sure the ground is not a ‘deep’ thing. it is a plain, like a peice of paper sitting on a desk. You simply can’t go underground as it has no depth.