What direction is Dev going in?

All I keep hearing is “Games in Alpha, that wont be there when the game comes out.”
apparently this holds true for the zombies and the guns.
so… what is the real game going to be like?
If someone could direct me to a thread/website that explained this I would appreciate it.

some questions-
Do the creators plan on increasing the PvP or PvE?
actually i just have no freaking idea what the game is supposed to be.
is this alpha a good representation of the final product? (not saying its bad)

Stuff they’re working on

Honestly, I don’t think anyone could answer your questions this early in. It even says on the Rust website, “This is in very early public development. Everything will change. Beware.” So far, the devs have really been listening to what the community wants, which is a plus.

I doubt this is even close to a representation of the final product, remember it’s in early alpha. Like the guy above said, you can visit the Rust Trello and it ususally has everything the devs are working on from bugs, to textures, to game mechanics, it’s really useful for keeping up with everything.

Anyway, to figure out what this game is really supposed to be, you’ll have to stick around, and watch it become developed (if you want). But for what it is right now? You can check out The First Day Trailer. It’s a video Garry put together himself to show the basics of Rust.

Hope I helped.

Thanks man. helps a lot