What Disturbing Content Can You Find V1 - Ouch. My Eyes, They Bleed

Go To This File Destination And Look What You Can Find:

I spent a day on a few TTT Servers, I couldnt sleep after that.

Why didn’t you post it then?

I haven’t found anything of interesting on my own

Fucking furry porn.

Every time.

Seriously i once DLed some vandalized picture taken with Gameboy Camera.
Just google-pics “gameboy camera run feature”

I mean, Jesus.



Thats only some of it.

I saw this thread, so I went and checked the files. The first one was okay, nothing seemed wrong, just some slightly lewd and funny pics. The second page was almost completely furry porn. Eyes bleeding, vomiting over myself, I checked the third. GENITAL. MUTILATION.

I took a hammer to my computer monitor and sat in a corner. I’m posting this on my clean, untouched laptop.

Are they just temp sprays or what, But W the F I just saw Goatse!!

Clear temp folder textures/sprays

Visit your own or someone else’s server for a while

Find how many furry sprays in temp folder

Divide by total sprays in folder =

Official Furry Server Percentage

My server had a roughly 8% OFSP :saddowns:

I disable sprays on my Source games because I am paranoid (and for good reason) that someone will spray CP and it will live on in my computer.

I request more furry porn.

Tried this, laughed hard. Sometimes it makes you wonder, where does it all come from? I mean, I know its sprays, but seriously…



What are they doing in there?

Well, I just looked.

There was definitely porn. Straight porn, but still porn.

No furry stuff, shockingly.

I also found my friend’s Mii, which I SWEAR looks like a criminal’s mugshot.

fucking goatse

Wait why’s the temp folder so special?

Cause it stores every users spray.

The temp folder holds temporary files for the servers you go on, which is almost entirely sprays.

I don’t fucking know!

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Interesting it stores it in other games too. :v: