What do I do with a decompiled model?

I’ve decompiled the model I want to edit using Cannonfodder’s model decompiler, but I’ve no idea how to put it into XSI Mod Tool. If anyone could please tell me how, I’d be very grateful.

Import the reference smd (the SMD file that usually has reference or _ref in its name). What model did you decompile?

female_02 from group 2

but What I’m asking, is how do I put the SMD into XSI?

You click on file then import -> source -> smd if i remember correctly. Unless you haven’t got the Source Plugin installed.

Where can I get this source plugin you speak of?

It’s somewhere in the files for XSI Mod Tool, or you can download it from the site if your prepared to do some digging. They don’t like to make it easy for you.

Edit: Just found it in the sdk files in the XSI folder, its called: ValveSource.0105.01.xsiaddon. Only problem now is I can’t remember where it goes.

What’s it called?

ValveSource.0105.01.xsiaddon that ¬.¬

Found it. Where do I put it?