What do i do with my key?

Where do i put in my code on steam? HELP ME

In the Steam client, press Games -> Activate a product on Steam

Then what?

Then it’ll ask you to download the game. Then you play.

No offense, but did you even take the time to look around the forums for help or were you just lazy and decided to make a post and have us do all the work for you.

Nevermind, don’t answer that.

it didn’t ask me to download the client after i activated it… and this is just the first post i’ve seen about getting the client.

After that you paste your key, restart steam and start downloading the game.

Ty xD



Press Enter 2 times (NEXT - I AGREE)

so insert the key

and press Enter again.


He even went so far as to put in image in the page where you’re given your key, explaining how to redeem it.

[del]Maybe you’re just dense[/del]

it appears the image is broken

my bad

Going to take a random stab in the dark and say a lot of people have probably never used Steam before. But still, not really an excuse for something that literally takes 20 seconds of looking.