What do i eat IRL when i play Rust

Hi,my rust sessions are often long , beacuse the game is cool.
And what can ruin a good session? Lack of food!
So here i will put things i ate today .
#1 - Bingo Crisps
Delicious crisps with paprica flavour . I like them very much. Here they are :


And here is me with them


And other bingo crisps flavours - onion and peanut


#2 - Artur Croisant Shaped Butter Cookies
Man! They were really tasty . They companied nicely with Symfonia ice creams im gonna show below.
Here are the cookies:


And me with the cookies :


#3 - Symfonia Ice Cream
Nice ice creams they have white taste ( cream i think ) and have a lots of nuts and raisins and thats a nice thing.
Here they are,put in a metal bowl :open_mouth:


And what do You like to eat while playing Rust? Post pictures!

Potatoes, cause I don’t have a rust key :(.

I also ate potatoes today with a schnitzel but i didnt make pictures ;’(

Everything you just posted isn’t food at all. It’s all snacks.

Get a hair cut.

Are you bored?
also nice neckbeard

And snacks are stones , right ?

stop taking photos of yourself

And for the love of God please use [t] tags

nose hair

This post confuses me

You should shave those pubes on your face.