What do I need to know when buying a Server

1st things 1st, I don’t mean like buying a game server from a provider!
I want to host my own servers on my own separate tower! I can get one for free… But I need to know what specs I need to run a Garry’s mod 40 slot server.

The gamemode is simply DeathRun.

Basically I’m asking what are the best and/or minimum specs needed to do so.
And how could I go about hosting 2 garrys mod servers off the same tower? (If possible).
And last but not least… How would I go about adding DDoS protection to the servers?

I’m not new to hosting! But I am new to hosting servers on my own! So sorry if I don’t know what I’m talking about!

Please feel free to explain all the pluses and negatives about doing this! I’m trying to learn as much as possible about hosting game servers on my own.

Thanks for your time, haha.

Good luck with this one - I spoke to multiple companies that offer DDoS protection and they were quoting me around £700 a month…

Oh yay…
That’s just great.

I’m not sure how much you actually know about hosting, but you should probably install a Linux distribution on the tower, and if you can, throw all the RAM you can in it to ensure that it performs stable. Source games especially use a somewhat high amount of RAM per node, and if you intend to having 40 active players on the machine, it’ll need some power to do anything.

The CPU is more important than ram. If you’re using Linux, 2 gigs of ram would be fine if you’re hosting one server. But for the CPU you want a high clock speed such as 3.3ghz+, good single core performance, this one can’t be stressed enough. Source is not multi threaded. If possible, use Intel, preferably an i5 or i7 either haswell or sandy.

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