What do I need to play?

Hey forum,

I’ve been relatively out of the loop when it comes to Rust, having just heard of it a few days ago and I was wondering what I have to do to play. Do I have to sign up for a beta, buy a key, etc? I can’t just go on playrust.com because it’s down ATM for maintenance, according to the Tweet Twat. Can someone give me the run down? It would be much appreciated.



You sign up on the website using a beta key. You currently can’t get a beta key unless you get it from a friend or something. Once you have an account, you can play - it’s currently all through the website.

Oh. I’m the only person I know that has heard of it so no Rust for me. Thanks though!

Just stay tuned, the keys are usually posted (by developers) in this section. Although it may not happen again for awhile because of the popularity.

I’ll check around my Steam pals just in case there is one person who knows. Other than a friend, is that the only way to get access to the game? Also are there any plans to release it?

As far as I know, yes it’s the only way to get access. Of course there are plans to release, but not anytime soon (as far as I know, again, only going from what I know) it’s still quite buggy.

Alright thanks bro.

I dont see why the devs just make it so people can buy the alpha version cause they can make so much money. Garry can do 3 things. Make it so people can buy it, Release beta keys, or do a raffle system such as u sign up for the beta. Then again it is in alpha so we may just have to wait for it to go into beta if we want to be able to sign up for it. (similar to dota 2)

Two problems with that line of thinking:

A: Garry and Facepunch are completely loaded on cash, which means they do not need any additional cash to fund development. The money of people wanting to get into alpha would make no difference and only further overcrowd the game.

B: If Garry and the devs wanted more people playing, they wouldn’t have closed down registration and (mostly) stopped giving out keys. There’s enough people playing as is, many of which were not intended to join in the first place but got in thanks to reddit and other sites leaking the keys. When Garry, Pat and Helk want more players, you can be damned sure they’ll tell everyone, but until then you just gotta wait, pal.

Sorry, but no amount of cash thrown at your monitor or begging over the internet for keys will get you in. You missed your chance that was on a seriously-short deadline, no big deal. Other things will come along my friend, so go find something else to do for now and occasionally check the news to see if more keys are released or the game goes open alpha/beta.

Seriously though, the game isn’t that fun right now anyway, tons of glitches and hackers, just wait until Beta/Release.

yep the speed hackers… they are probably descendants of sonic but with down syndrome

DO NOT insult people with Down syndrome.

he wasn’t insulting anyone

sure what he said might be deemed offensive (it was pretty dumb anyway) but he wasn’t directly insulting anybody

If anyone has a beta key to lend, please pm me :slight_smile:

Aye I get first dibs! Kidding of course.

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Its too bad that thats the only way to get access. I watched a 2 part First Impression video and it looks really fun.

Agreed it’d looked nice, and not harsh on graphics, my computer could possibly handle it.
I wish it was like wurm online, alliance-based, multiple enemy fortresses. Hmph.

Doritos, Mountain Dew, Vodka and a 9mm pistol with a single bullet in the magazine.

Can anyone give me a key? I’ve followed this game since early alpha, then forgot about it. :frowning:

No. There aren’t any. Don’t ask, there’s enough of that already.