What do I need to prevent missing textures?

Greetings everyone!
I have just recently reinstalled GMod and remembered why I uninstalled it earlier in the first place - due to my inability to get rid of missing textures and ERROR-Models. However, before I go on a buying spree to get the material from commercial mods, I’d rather like to ask first what one would need to prevent these things from popping up in 90% of all games.

I currently have installed:

Garry’s Mod
HL2 Deathmatch

What would be the most important things to add?

Thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated (especially due to the somewhat noobish character of the question, sorry for that)!

The most important would be

  1. CSS- A lot of maps and servers use theses textures/models
  2. HL2 EP2- See above
  3. HL2 EP1- not very high priority, but it gives you the Zombine model.

Also, I assume you have just plain HL2 installed?

The games you would need are:

For HL2:DM, the models don’t show up by default for some reason, so what you have to do is hit ESC, hit “Gmod Settings,” and check the box next to Half Life 2: Deathmatch.

And get the following SVNs:
PHX3 (SVN Link: https://phoenix-storms.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/phoenix-storms)
Wire (SVN Link: https://svn.wiremod.com/svn/wiremod/wire)
SBMP (SVN Link: http://spacebuildmodelpack.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/SpacebuildModelPackAlpha2)

Use this instead :smiley:

Games in order of Priority -

  • CS:S - GMod revolves around it.
  • Ep2 - A fair amount of content is used, though only accounts for 10% of the errors
  • Ep1 - A lot of people use the zombine model.
  • Portal - Not a lot of servers have it, but there’s some great building models here.
  • TF2 - Hardly used, hardly installed. Get it anyway just in case.
  • CS:S Yes, yes and yes. Get it
  • Ep2 Cool cos of the gnome. Must have the gnome! There are some pretty nice trees in there too. And the jalopy. Some of the most awesome maps also use textures from this game
  • Ep1 Not needed at all. Zombine model? Never seen it used (Except for player models)
  • Portal Never seen it used.
  • TF2 Never seen it used.

Thanks a lot everybody, those were precisely the answers I expected - helped me a lot :slight_smile: Thanks again!