What do I need to see bump/normal maps?

I have tried everything even changing the textures myself but I STILL can’t get any bump maps to work.
So is there a special graphics card you need? My specs are:

Windows Vista Home Basic
Intel® Celeron® M CPU 1.60 GHz

I was at my friends house and he had perfect graphics in gmod, I couldnt stop looking at the headcrab because the lighting on him was so beutiful to me (I dont know why i do that to things that are so pretty to me XD) but my computer never shows normal maps and light on models look like shit to me now that I know how they can look like.

Hmm. Could sound like your DirectX level. Try to go into GMod options > video > advanced and see what DirectX level it has. It should be in the bottom-right of the box. If it says “DirectX 9”, then GMod should be working fine (graphics wise). If it says “Direct X 8” or lower, GMod won’t be running to its max.

I believe that they ain’t a proper way to upgrade your DirectX level, but I’m not that savvy at it. If anyone has any other idea or can correct / expand what I said, go ahead.

Your CPU, RAM, and probably video card are below the system requirements for Garry’s Mod

I tried typing -dxlevel 90 in start options and i could see bump maps and even lightwarp textures!
too bad it went slow and some parts of the textures didnt react to light and shadow, but it was still awsome!
so in a way my pc can render bump maps in gmod but with messed up parts of the textures, too bad that there is no way to fix the texture (but I think it might be the models effecting the light too so that they look glitchy) that also means that its mostly the direct x level i have

You have to buy a better graphics card, no other way.

shit, is it possible to switch cards with a labtop?

EDIT: if so, then where can i find one?