What do marines hate more than the Zerg?



I really like the reflections

Thin space marines

spashmarines r bettur :saddowns:

To be honest Terran Marines are cooler in my opinion.

Suits look retarded.

Well you can’t say the space marine’s suits look that cool ._. I like Terran better too.

I can.

Wow. You must be awesome. :o

Thanks I’ve been working on it for a while now.

the spacemarines are loosing because the sneaky terrans poured oil all over the ground thus making it impossible for the spacemarines to stand up properly. the terrans must have some boot technology that prevents them from falling. :o

Hahaha oh god that’s awesome. Starcraft marines for the win!

Pretty cool pic.

[sp]the bottles are clipping[/sp]

I could say the same of the 40K Marine armor. They look like cheap, oversized tin cans. And the shoulderpads are just overdone. Well, of course they’re way too big on the SC2 Marines too, but at least they look cool SC2 version.

I love that you gave one a chair. It adds humor.


It’s the battle of pea-heads and pointlessly large shoulder-pads.

Seriously, both suits look so damn stupid once you take the helmet off:

True. The debate is over.

How the hell do they fit in those suits anyway?


Hah, look what I found.

A normal human is 7.5 heads tall, but with the space marines…


They fall a little short. So that either means that their feet are at the suits knees (which doesn’t make sense how he would control it) or they are mutated to be 10 foot tall people (which would mean that their tiny little head would still be tiny out of the suit when compared to his bizarrely proportioned body.