What do people like in maps?

Hey, What do people look for in maps? As in what kind of maps do you really enjoy playing the most? Also if you could have the perfect map, what would it be?

Me and my friend are trying to figure out what kind of map people like the most lol. Try to be as specific as possible!

Also, try to do the same but for garrys mod also. What do you like to build in? Thanks :slight_smile:

I like anything with tasks/missions/objectives, or even a creepy/scary atmosphere. Take Amnesia for example.

Something that makes the player feel accomplished after completing.

Something that plays well, and does not look like a 5 minute job (e.g no fullbright, no lack of cubemaps, no glitched up textures or broken geometry, no glitched lighting, no dev textures, no lack of details so everything looks bland, and no overuse of repeating textures)

I for one love maps that you have to have someone else to play with, or a group of people, and you go around solving lots of puzzles and similar stuff.

One thing I like about Half-Life is that players could jump on each others head’s and form a “human staircase”. Or they could jump on their heads and use each other to boost them up to a spot just higher than they could jump.

I like atmospheric maps, but not to the point where they’re unplayable since it’s just one huge bag of eye-candy.

personally i think most people like brushes and entities in their maps, with some models either side.

Everyone likes something different. There is no secret to making a map everyone likes. If you are making a map based off something, make it as close as you can to the original. If you are designing a map from scratch, it should look realistic and have nice architecture. That’s all I can really say.

Oh, and don’t use dev textures. People don’t seem to like them very much…

Depends what you’re going for. Basically all of the maps I posted in the map pimpage threads received a shit load of praise and they were basically 100% dev textured (but it seems to fit in with the architecture that I’m good at, so it works for me).

This has been asked before. Several times.

Everyone’s different. Some people like blood and gore maps where they can spawn a bunch of zombies and go on a hunt.
Other people like high-res maps where they can explore and take some cool screenshots.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I like maps with scripted events and tasks, For example you are running on a bridge and it blows up or something