What do people want for a Sandbox server?

I’m going to be setting up a public sandbox server and I just wanted to hear the community’s opinions on what they want/need on a sandbox server for an enjoyable experience. I’m sure there is a bunch of things that you hate that will also just turn you away from a server instantly.

Turn away would be donator-only tools

Serious build with only a few addons (Wire, E2, some wire extensions)

Instant ban for people who drive around in jeeps with balloons strapped to them and shit.

There are literally 0 servers with people building on them, they’re all full of mingey 12 year olds throwing bombs at eachother.

The only downloads should be wiremod and sProps. Also have adv dupe 2.

I would definitely prefer to see contraptions built on the server as opposed to having kids running around shooting eachother. However, I would prefer to do so using a carrot and not a stick. I’ve seen a lot of servers with a ranking function that automatically promotes players based on the amount of time they spend on the server. Now, this is great for maintaining players as it adds an incentive to stay on the server but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be building great things. This causes a lot of players to let hours accumulate without neccesarily building anything cool. It seems that most build servers don’t actually give any incentives for players to build.

The only idea I can really think of right now is to have a similar ranking system in place but to add an additional building test to each rank. Give players the option to rank up as long as they can prove that they can build whatever contraption they’re assigned for the upgrade. I don’t have any qualms about scripting any ideas I’m given. As long as they induce building. My main concern though is how I should reward players after completing these tasks. Most servers allow players to votekick/voteban after a certain rank but I feel that it is required for users to have those capabilities since their first rank. Same goes with god/HP/tools/etc. Any ideas will be gratefully welcomed.

If you had a proper build server going people would play there just because it’s a good server, you can still do all your ranks etc but unless you at least threaten to kick people who obviously aren’t there to build anything seriously you’re just going to end up with another mingebuild

That doesn’t seem necessary to do unless they are bothering other people from building. Again I would rather implement a system to promote building rather than relying on admins to get the job done.

Noclip enabled. If building is the main goal, no weapon mods and an NPC limit of 0. (Personally) I’d keep the weapons themselves enabled, but mostly because I got too used to 1-1-1-click for the physgun. I’d limit the vehicle mods as well. Global access to a god command would be a useful feature. Wiremod, SProps, Precision, some other building based tools.

No squeeker admins. I once got banned on a deathmatch server for killing the admin fair and square. He was around 8 and I’m guessing he ate glue.

Use sprops, wire, wenlis tools, restrict duplicator, use adv dupe 2

keep it a build server. I cant believe have to say this, but you will not believe how many servers forget the point of the server is to build stuff.

also, the ability to paste stuff with the duplicator from workshop should be restricted, if not disabled entirely

Install a decent admin mod, some decent third party build tools, wiremod, advanced duplicator, and prop protection. Nothing else. Nothing is more irritating than joining a sandbox server and being barred by four hours of stupid weapon packs and playermodels, etc.

Like a restriction to be able to dupe every 45 seconds, maybe less lol

Sprops, Wire, Wire Advanced, Adv Dupe 2 and add a user-toggleable godmode like !god in chat to prevent minges killing you, also block the default duplicator too, we don’t want people messing around with other people work or really dumb dupes (sexposes, fireworks, magic cars, etc.) Also it need a decent admin system and a prop protection.
Make sure to add more game content, not just CS:S and HL2.

Don’t have nazi addons(Restricting about everything except physgun and some other petty tools).