What do people want nowadays in GMod

Alright, as the title would suggest I feel the need to run a server…

But I’ve become really out of touch with the community.

So the question is this,

What kind of server, would you like to see?

(can we also please not have any darkrp shitstorms, rp is fine and suggesting a customised and unique new darkrp type thing is fine but normal darkrp is just going to start a flame war… No thank you…)

Specs about the server that it (the gamemode) will be running on

12-32 slots, dedicated box (not shared), 1gbps uplink and 450gbps DDoS protection.

A good community with good fair admins is by far the most important

But what makes them ‘good’

Interactive, mature, fun to be around, you can have a laugh with them?

Admins that arent dicks, and servers with wiremod and E2 that isnt donator only

Alright, any suggestions as per gamemode-esque side of things?

Wat :v:

Don’t have too many admins, espically when they’re large than your community. As for gamemodes, you could code a gamemode yourself, I would guess they’re in high demand these days :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish people would list that they’re talking about in game communities in the title so people who’d like to see general improvement in the quality of the game aren’t met with this.

Nude Alyx.

rp: Don’t have stupid custom jobs that only donators can have. Keep things fair and have things citizens can do instead of just walking around.

ttt: Keep it vanilla. You don’t need 100 weapons for killing people. You also don’t need hats because it becomes too easy to ID people and the game gets boring.

Sandbox: Wiremod, disable guns, and allow ALL content from games, like TF2, DOD:S, etc.

For any gamemode: Don’t have two hours of custom content.

IDK I haven’t played multiplayer in so long.

Code your own stuff, or at least make your server unique. M9K, Pointshop, and Crystal Loading Screen aren’t very custom when every server has them.

Good admins. Naked girl models running around having a smexy voice.

We upgraded it after the cloud flare attack. It’s not the biggest I’ve seen…

Also thanks for the contributions everyone.

Get a RP game mode with actual economy and not money printer economy

This is the one thing that has irked me the most in RP ever since I played it.

Roleplay: Butterfly Effect, servers influenced by the players, no rules, no admins, SIMs or PAC building system, resource and crafting based economy. Remember: RDM does not exist.

Sandbox: The same things I find on PINGAS!, GGG servers, and most ACF servers…

  • Advanced Duplicator 2
  • Wiremod and Lemon CPU
  • Wenli’s Toolbox: Physbuild, Axis Center, Ballsocket Center, Precision Alignment
  • Weight STool
  • Ability to Godmode myself.
  • Player Appearance Customizer [PAC] and No Custom Player Models
  • All Valve Games Content
  • Armored Combat Framework**[ACF]/Generic Default Combat[GDC]**/GCombat 2010 [GC2010]/New & Privately-owned Combat Addon
  • SProps
  • GM_Freespace or GM_Buttes
    The list goes on…

Trouble in Twelve-Year Old Town: No custom models, no hats or ~masks~, no anti-propkilling rules, no one hit kill weapons for Detectives, no OMGSOWANDOMxDD bullshit… Permanent Karma, use Mass Death Match rules over Random Death Match rules and finally… The only things which should be bannable[No Kicking] are as followed: Mass Death Match[troll groups raiding], Group Ghosting[Metagame], and Hacking.
These are the only rules you should actually enforce. Crap like, “DO NOT DISCRIMINATE” “DO NOT BACK-TALK THE ADMIN” “PROPKILL IS RDM” is all tooty-fruity bullshit. Trouble in Twelve-Year Old Town is a gamemode about Paranoia. RDM is going to happen and you should be allowed to use props as a weapon, because yes, it does fucking effect karma.
Which brings me back to another thing… Karma. Stop reseting Karma after a round ends, and do not do Karma Bans. If someone troll raids your server and kills a lot of people, and comes back after a week ban to do it again, they’ll find out that they have 10 Karma, and will be unable to do another troll raid. Use the fucking gameplay mechanics to your advantage people.

Murder: Make it not boring.

SEWIOUS RP: Cleanse it with fire. It’ll never be good. End of.

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An actual RP economy would require a lot of work. It would need a form of hunger mod that isn’t complete shit, it would need to have it so weapons take a long time to craft, it would need a way to make furniture and machines… It would simply need a way to keep players occupied. Corporations and Clans would eventually form to make a more industrialized economy, but the second players start to get weapons, is the second you are going to need a Police Force that is whitelisted and armed to the teeth.
I’m talking military grade weapons, combat armor, better skills than everyone else, and things like teargas and taser grenades.

Autoban for people’s stupid copypastes

If you copypaste that stupid arabic face for example it should automatically ban you for one hour “AUTOBAN: why did you copypaste that”

How does this sound for an economy (feel free to contribute)

The value of money, is dependant on:

  • Government Trading

    • People work as craftsmen, factory workers in government factories generating products.
    • The more product produced, the more is available to sell to countries
    • The president (mayor) must keep contact with these countries, keep a regular supply to them
    • In return, the government is paid an amount per tonne of product produced.
  • Government Fund

    • Taxes, Money from other countries is paid into this
    • Used to pay for police, police equipment, factory functioning etc. etc.
  • Emergency Aid

    • Should the government fund ever be empty, countries which the president has good relations with
    • Can provide a sum of money to help.
    • This will need to be paid back with interest
  • Banks

    • Banks are run by nominated officials (not a normal job)
    • Banks have funds
    • Banks can loan money to people
    • If this money + interest is not paid back, the police will be called
    • If the bank gets bankrupt, bank staff will not be paid, interest will not be paid and clients cannot get their money
    • Banks can be bought by the government
  • Businesses
    - All businesses must be registered at the department of commerce of the government
    - All income must be reported to this department
    - All businesses decide how much they pay their employees
    - All businesses pay tax (set by mayor)

    - Illegal businesses obviously, could operate out with this, but if seen by police they will be asked to produce their license. (Arrest and fine if not found to have one)
  • Fines

    • Fines are now an option for police
    • The fines are deposited into the government fund
    • They have a time to be paid by, if not then the fine increases, another date is given if not paid for by then. Arrest.
  • Jail

    • Sentences now measured in days
      - More to do, you can escape etc.

This sounds pretty cool to me, I’m going to start work :slight_smile: Anyone interested in helping should PM me.

Sounds like fun ^.^ , As long as it doesn’t turn into serious RP :confused:

The problem, I guess is when you run a serious back end.
You might end up with partly serious front end

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