What do people want to see in this game?

First lemme just say i think that even for alpha, the game has come incredibly far and i’m really proud of FP for all the work they’ve done, even if i had to stop playing because of hackers. But i’m curious to hear what other people would like in the game. I made a list of a few things I would like to see added, and i’d like to hear other peoples inputs as well.

  1. Safes, more secure storage- I’m assuming this will more than likely become a thing, but im hoping that as the devs slowly revamp the whole progression of the game, they add more modernesque features to the game.

  2. Swimming, other islands- This probably isn’t going to happen, or if it does, not until much later, but how amazing would be if you could swim ( or even raft?!?) to another island, and set up shop there, or have some small hut there for when you need to duck other players and have harvested a resource exclusive to that island, i personally think that would be really really awesome.

3.throwables- Pretty self explanatory, knives, tomahawks, pretty much anything sharp that you can throw should be in the game, as kind of an early stage means of self defense, also it’d be awesome.

  1. Terrain destruction/ reformation-this one would also be very hard, but i think it’d be really cool if you could in theory, make a house INSIDE of a mountain, which obviously would make you REALLY secure, but also open you up to a new set of problems i.e cave ins

5.Traps, pitfalls, landmines etc.- With the upcoming addition of bear traps ( spoilers btw?) i think some other means of protecting yourself should be available, land mines would lREALLY mix up gameplay and not only be more strategic, but also hilarious.

I want to see more wildlife and caves where you can build a fire and find shelter within.

A lot of survival features.

2 is in game now you can swim even if you do look like a tadpole, island are possible on the new map as they are random.
3 is coded i believe or being coded
4 was talked about but i have not see anything for a few months on the subject.
5 i think is a definate as there are concept pictures for traps

hey bro:)
terrain deformation was mentioned about a month ago in passing, they were talking to an external provider to suss out the possibilities of mildly deformable terrain to allow overhangs and shallow caves. but yeah, haven’t heard anything since on trello. prob got archived:)


**The map generator is really nice. **
I would love to see that applied to different kinds of environments with different kinds of weather, like (you can skip to conclusion if you don’t want to see the reasons):

A cold freezing environment with heavy snow storms and little food as your hazards, like the north pole.
A deep jungle with tiny infections and heavy rain as your hazards, like the Amazon.
An enormous desert with the heat and lack of water as your hazards, like the* desert in Africa*.

Combine these stereotype environments with one or few of these:
Flat land.

And you got lots of interesting environments. I think it would a nice addition to the game and people will being able to chose a server for the environment they want to play in.
Not only will they be playing in a different kind of environment, but they will be playing in a different kinds of climate with different kinds of hazards. Building a base would be different to.

There should be some sort of reward system for surviving at multiple environments at the same time.

Conclusion: Map generator for different kinds of environments.

its on here

i missed this one :slight_smile: thanks for the pointer.

i was on about this from March also on same card.

an update ?

nice work mate:)

There should be singleplayer!

Asa Akira

The game has become easy enough as it is ever since there were fanmade servers (More servers = less population average on each server, as the players spread out). Singleplayer will be way too easy.

Swimming has already been coded and added in the experiment version… You’d know that if you bothered to read the update logs… http://www.playrust.com/

Traps and pitfalls have also been added in the experiment version…

I don’t think they want to be a minecraft clone with terrain altering and such.

And safes will be stupid. C4 is expensive enough as it is, the last thing I want is to raid a huge metal base and having to spend even MORE c4 on safes, which might be empty

I don’t see how single player will be “to easy”. I really want a single player aspect for when my friends aren’t online or because until I can switch my internet provider is a real fucking dick choker.(my connection is good, and runs rust really well but he unnecessarily throttled our internet for nothing. And then blames it on me playing online even though I haven’t played online for months because of exams

I just want that feeling that Rust gave when it first come out. Its the first time ive had that true survivalist feeling from a game.

i like the island idea and island specific resources

To me better rcon and admin tools are very important.

At the moment rcon can only do so little, it doesn’t even show kills, only suicides. I’m very glad that it shows chat messages in rcon which enabled me to write a rcon based server manager with commands and such, but I have very often reached the limits of rcon.

Better admin tools are very necessary. I don’t see the point of the uber hunting bow, other than shooting players, which isn’t at all what an admin should be doing. The invisible armor should hide the name and remove footstep sounds so you can stalk players who have been reported to cheat. At the moment it’s almost impossible to watch players.

I hope for the experimental version most rcon features will still be in there. And I wish that there will be even more (player location, private messages to specific players, any command with a user as parameter should work with the id, kill messages like suicide/squished).

I would like to see rivers in game thats all.

I want to see less hackers

being able to drown