What do people want to see?

I have a youtube channel and what not and i was just wondering what people want to see more of from rust gameplay, like raiding, tutorials, anything. I’m looking to record and what not so some feedback would be nice!

Naked guys twerking, with their penis flapping around with good music

Wow UTT.
But anyway, teach me how to build a base without getting shot the fuck up.

I mean i guess… but i wont do that at all. Like straight up no.

Same, lol

Just build a little shelter and then get a chest, save up wood and make that into planks then get all your materials you need to make whatever kind of base you want. That’s what i did and i made it fine. You really got to find a good place to build tho, one of the main prioritys = /

My Rust life = spawn. get materials make a shelter if im not dead already. get all setup inside then go get stuff for a sleeping bag while using my shit 9mm and die xD.

Today I got an M4 blueprint while on EU server even though I’d prefer the U.S. one so that sucks :confused:

Just do this. Find a stack of wood and just chip that. Then make a shelter and get that going, next you want to try to find a boar and kill that to get cloth to make a bed which you would place in your shelter and then you can just rinse and repeat with farming, and still respawn at your base with your chest with materials

Build a shelter with a door, then slowly start making your materials and placing them(ex. make your foundations, then go place them, then make your pillars etc.