What do radius = -1 soundscapes do?

I read that when the player looks at them they play. Does the player deliberately have to aim at them or they play in the moment they enter the screen?
I have a spawnroom, do you suggest setting a radius or making it play with -1? The problem could be not all players could get inside their screen, if it works like that?
What do you say?

The player can only hear it if its in their screen. Just make it a high radius that is the size of the room.

Alright, thanks. And how do I behave about the exit of the base? Right now I set up two soundscapes with -1 radius around the exits, one inside, the other outside. I think they should work good… what do you think?

The player can only hear it if they are looking at it if its -1. Just give it a radius that people will be able to hear when they walk out.

Okay, thank you

Suppose I may as well ask here as it’s related: Are soundscapes client-side?

Uhmm, I don’t think so. It could be what your askin though.

You mean do they play different for every client?


Also last question
When I dupe a soundscape that has some linked targets for various sounds, does their name need to be modified if I need them to refer to different positions?

Yeah, so if a client triggers a soundscape by entering a room, does everyone hear it or just the person that entered the room?

Depends on the radius, but yes everyone will be able to hear it.

No he means if when a person triggers a soundscape everyone starts earing the same soundscape not regarding their position or their state.
My answer is no. I’m 95% sure.

Oh. only the person will hear it.

Not everyone will hear it, so I guess its client side for sound playing.