What do the acronyms mean?

I see people talking about RDM and NLR and other acronyms I can’t think of right now. I can’t always figure out what they are. I think RDM is Random Death Match but no idea about NLR. Any glossary for noobs like me? :slight_smile: Thanks

RDM = Random Death Match, it’s basically a overused term which people scream whenever they feel like they got killed when they didn’t want to.
NLR = NoLife Rule, can be different depending on what server you’re on, but mostly it is that if you die, you will not remember what happened before you died. Meaning you wouldn’t be able to run back to where you died and go shoot the murderer. You still remember things such as where your home is and who the mayor is. Be careful about this rule because if you run back to your home where you got shot, you’ll most likely be yelled at by the murderer and then get banned for breaking NLR.

New Life Rule, though NoLife Rule sounds funny.

OIFY: Only I Fuck You

Also, its not “no life” rule, its “New life rule” which means you pretend that you are a completely different person and have a “new life” not that you don’t have a life.

Correction, NLR means new life rule, pretty much forcing your roleplay character to forget the actions you’ve done in the past and to avoid what caused that.


“No Life Rule” does sound, from what I’ve heard of DarkRP, that it may fit many of the players there.
(That was a terrible effort at a joke.)

And I don’t believe anybody is going to be doing any fucking in this thread, so I don’t think you need to worry about that.

What is “PHX” stand for? I know it’s some props that some people don’t like because they can lag and that it ships with GMod13 somewhere.

Also, what is a “phong”? I saw it on some model packs. I don’t know if it’s an acronym or not.

And “PERP” which is a gamemode which apparently is illegal or … something?

I think “PHX” is more of an abbreviation for “phoenix” because the model pack is called Phoenix Storms and stuff
I could be wrong though

Don’t most servers have a list of acronyms and useful information?

I don’t go into multiplayer so I wouldn’t know

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