What do we have to become


Didn’t really want to post this in comics because it’s only 4 images…


Work on the flames, right now its a big ball of blur.

I think the flames are great, I love it.

You have to become a warrior of not just the human race, but the gods.

dun dun dunnn

aw shucks :love:

I like it, great posing & editing, makes me want to go play keel teh floor now :v:

Some of them look almost real. I really like it. Great job on everything.
Hope you’re gonna keep truckin’ :clint:

The flame editing is terrible but the lighting, models and writing were very good.

bu- bu- but thats how fire and stuff looks in killing floor :crying:

Son, that is no excuse! Now get back to your homework, mister! Before I ground you for a week.

holy shit

lol the flame… lighting looks good

go play KF it looks like it!



Good idea but you could’ve used more than 1 ragdoll type

i luv killing floor :smith:

Excellent editing.


Nice story. Fits right in to KF’s story imo.
also nice pics