What do you allow your mods to do

What permissions do you give your mods?
Made a ttt server its populated alot and wanted to test some people for mods what permissions should i give, i know kick,ban,mute, and what else. I am using ulx admin application.

You should be able to figure out what you want your moderators to have, not us. It is your server, and what you do with it is not our responsibility.

I think this opens a good discussion though. How do people utilise their moderators?

For my upcoming project, Half-Life: Aftermath, my thoughts are that my moderators are going to be focused mostly on “inducting” new players, mediating disputes and other “soft” duties. The administrators, on the other hand, will be fewer in number and deal with exploitation, abuse of systems and power and anything else that require some authority and ability.

My thinking, however, is that I’ll make an extensive logging system and allow my moderators to ban as they wish, and simply check the moderation actions daily/weekly/whateverly and discuss their actions.

Thoughts on that?

I also see people who just give their mods slightly less power than admins. Why? I want to avoid the situation where only a mod is on and doesn’t have power to deal with the situation, yet still has his individual merit (Working with newer players and mediating)

We generally don’t use mods. We have a lead admin for each server, and they recruit and monitor the admins that do everything on the servers. Keeps the teams tight-knit, while giving them all the commands they might need. We’ve had a few problems with admin abuse in the past, but if you have a forum or something with a specific section for voicing complaints, it’s easy to get logs and stuff together to rectify the problems. Just make sure you trust those lead admins. They always have rcon access with us.

Sounds to me like you’re just calling your moderators admininstrators

Maybe so. Still, it seems to work, for the most part. Honestly, any system will work though. The only thing you really need to do is make sure your mods/admins aren’t total cunts, and it’ll go smoothly no matter what you decide, as long as they have everything they need.

kick and /tempban

I’m a moderator for a community, and what I have found is if your going give people moderator with ban access I would have a log to keep track of who they banned and why. Also most important in my opinion, make sure they are actually mature and can handle being a moderator.

1: don’t appoint friends as moderators
Only make people moderators when they’ve shown they’re capable of it. Making a friend a moderator solely because he is your friend is the worst mistake you can make in moderation.

2: have well defined rules
Moderators should only be able to kick/ban for people breaking the rules. If a new rule needs to be added, they should ask you to add it.

3: have a way for banned users to appeal
This is sort of a feedback system for mods. All you have without this system is the moderator who banned them, and not the situation of the banned.

4: keep track of who banned who and why
You can rollback bans if the moderator went on a banning spree, and you can verify that all ban reasons were legit.

5: ban moderators
If a moderator is abusing his powers, don’t be afraid to remove his powers or ban him. You can keep track of this with an appeals system and/or a list of bans. If a moderator has abused his powers, don’t give him a second chance right away; he had a responsibility, he knew the risks, and chose to break them.