What do you consider to be RP?

What would count as roleplaying? I’d say trying to develop the way your character (Mostly you) thinks by dialoguing with people and typing out actions that can’t be replicated within the game. The only problem about developing your character is that if a server has a waterfall of rules, the possibilities are very limited.
Let’s say you start as a citizen, get inspired to be a cop, assigned as a cop after signing up etc, thinks of becoming corrupt after rp’ing with a few drug dealers but can’t become corrupt because there’s 3 rules stating how that’s not ok.

Roleplay as a character of your creation.

Creating a chatacter fitting for the world/setting of choice, developing via interactions with other people and the surroundings.

I feel you, but usually those rules are put in place to prevent abuse that’d do some serious damage. People will use whatever loopholes and manners of in-game exploitation they can, either for personal benefit or just for the fun of ruining other people’s experience.
I’ve seen Civil Protection just break apartment windows in HL2RP for the fun of it and because they know they’ll get away with it (no Dispatch player flagged up or witnesses recording to report it to faction leads).
“Serious” RP can be a mess sometimes; there’ll be people who take things too personally, people who literally just don’t care, people who kick up a fuss because it’s fun… but it can be pretty damn enjoyable too.
Can’t really comment on “Semi-serious” RP, I pretty much never play it nowadays.

Being able to use a fully realistic gravity manipulating beam from a hand held weapon and logically spawning furnaces in front of you only to shoot them at the same people over and over causing them to die multiple times and also being able to become a mayor the second you arrive to a new location is realistic RP in my opinion, also cant forget that roleplay part when you pay someone in real life to get a lightsaber on a server in a game.