What do you do to screw with people's minds in the game?

I usually roam through the middle of the night looking for a base with someone inside cooking or smelting away who’s also near a barred window. While they’re minding their own business, I crouch-walk up to the window as close as I can (usually it’s a few floors up) and then I unload an entire clip of an M4 or MP5 through the window to scare the living b-jebus out of them and then flee. If they’re not near a window and walled in, I just do the same thing but shoot at the wall closest to them… silence and peace suddenly disturbed and they often crap their pants. Did this to a couple of friends on a server before and they were like “WHO’s SHOOTING AT ME???”

“I did… did I scare you?”

Other times when I am feeling creative, I’ll crouch-walk up to the wall they’re on the other side of and plant a C4 onto it and run away and watch it blow from a distance. Scares them even more and they stop everything they’re doing and hide in a corner with whatever weapon they have on them and sit there for 5-10 mins waiting for someone to charge in… then you see them peek outside and look around to see nobody is there.

Easy there, Satan.

I crouch to their base at night and look for them. Hit a few times on their door. Wait for reactions. A minute later, I play zombie sounds or extremly loud screams into the voice chat. Wait a few minutes. Sounds again. Throw a granade or two on their base. And run away. When the Dawn is breaking I come back, play the Airdrop Sound thru the Voicechat, when they open the door, I kill them.

Walking around so they can hear your footsteps will usually suffice.

True, but I find there’s something special about not letting them hear you nearby until some loud noise go off without warning.

As a side note, I don’t use my mic while I play due to usually playing at night in the room next to where my 2 year old son sleeps… so that removes the vocal/audio mind games I could play.

Use a software mic, for special effects :v: Like screams.

Myself and a group of people do retarded shit. We’ll be hiding somewhere and I’ll say, “I’ve been creepin’ around here for a loooong time” or some shit in a creepy ass voice. Then I’ll make animal noises around a persons base and use a high-pitched voice to say “HEY… HEY” and other random funny things. I’ve also was stalking someone and he was really far away- I noticed he stopped to type and I assumed his name was so and so, so I did it a few times in chat by saying “you’re a bitch ___” (dont remember name) then killed him when I could get in distance w/ a pickaxe

I take a couple steps around their house, hatchet either their door or wall twice, wait about 10 seconds then play We can’t Stop by miley cyrus loud as fuck in the mic, then slowly walk away where the music fades as I get further away.

I walk around butt nekkid with a m4 on my hotbar. I spend most of my day with a rock on my hand casually wacking it at wood piles and stones. My inventory is often full of other people’s leather armor.

I like to hide in the rocks at hacker valley and whenever somebody comes through I start talking like Micky Mouse on meth. Funny to see them drawing their biggest gun, turning constantly around to check wtf is going on.

Or hiding in bushes, near buildings.

Blow walls off, raid, put walls back on… replace doors with our own, but make them so anyone can open them.

One day, just walk in their base while they are home.

What’s a software mic, care to explain? Or provide a link? :smiley:

I let my sister talk voice to grab some attention and collect stuff and make friends (usually most people drop a lot of stuff for girls and wanne build base together, etc.) , then i take over and fuckem up.

I love to play alone. Fighting with the crowd is not so easy. Have to find ways to fight. So, I’m trying to find where they live. Seeking further weaknesses in their home, and try to block them. Put door or walling them. It’s very funny, when they are asked to say the door password, or can not leave the house.
Difficult to survive alone :wink:

Easy way:
Sound > Recording Device > right click > Show disabled devices > Stereo Mix > right click (enable)
That recording device is whatever plays in your system

I once had a neighbor.
I shot at his house at night, led zombies bears and wolves to his door and dropped blood bags at his doorstep until he left.

LOL. Genius.

also like the one about playing the air drop sound to get someone out of their base looking up.

This has been disabled on most windows 7 systems because WAA COPYRIGHT

I got it on my Win 8.1, however, I did some research for you:

So you dont have to Disagree because maybe your soundcard does not support it. The most do. And there are still workarounds, you just have to search. Dont be used to a silver spoon.

Run up to someone naked with a rock - claiming to be from the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. I then Ask them if they’d like to have a chat about their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ or start reading random passages from the Bible. I got a group of about 10 one day to listen to me reading the First part of the book of Genesis. I’ve done mass suicides, mass indoctrinations and even had a whole church going on a Sunday. kept it up for the whole first month rust was up over Christmas.

Best fun ever.