What do you do when you open Garry's Mod?

I just wanted to know because i always load up like construct freeze time spawn Hitler shoot him with a nail gun then unfreeze time and watch him die from another angle it fun trust me lol i usually do that before i start the real game

I look at my Awesome backround

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I didn’t, i said what i do. I look at my background…

Another lame non GMod related background.

Anyway, if I’m bored, I’m usually watching for some shitty server to minge on. Or I try random console stuff in singleplayer.

It isn’t mine, i just kinda liked it. And i also like making a platformer, and then using the platformer console command. (thirdperson, thirdperson_plaformer)

I click start multiplayer because single player sucks.
Also I have default background and I have the reload song background music for the menu http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=51691.

EDIT: Nice background you posted there I might get it.

i look at my nude anime background the i join a server and start building kill machines

I go into Gm_construct and fool around, and sometimes i just check the servers.

When I’m bored,I go to some server and adv.Dupe,my super player chaser “The Death Cube”,And wach them try…NO!Seriously,that’s my Gmod Life’s work,It’s impossible to escape,and the new version(v12,23) can even move on hills,and uneven terrain:).
These shurely are the good days…

You managed to make on thousand, two hundred and twenty-three versions of the same cube?!

Anyway, the most I don is go onto wireconstruct, then tit about in my blocky ass four wheel steering car :D.

Yeah, you doesn’t seem like an perv at all…

No,I just add to the old version and call it new:)

I click singleplayer and choose a map.
Then I lay on my bed.
Unzip my pants.
And you know where this goes from there.

Yeah my Gmod takes forever to load so I don’t really have anything else to do.

I join my community servers and pull out my ban hammer.

I usually do that when I’m compiling a map, so I see what you’re saying there (I have an inside joke that goes like "They look like they compile alot). When I first open gmod I usually test the new thing I’ve downloaded. Then I cry.

If I downloaded stuff, I test it, If I’m just playing regularly, I go to one of the Zombie survival servers or MarioBoxes 2D.

Start doing sex poses :v:

Make a nuke and kill myself with it.

Make citys with people and cars then … I NUKE THEM!

Or I build a huge ship with SBMP and Nuke it and watch it rip apart. :smiley: