What do you enjoy in TTT servers?

I’m working on my own TTT server, and while I’ve run them before, they’ve been largely unsuccessful, in part due to the player base never getting off the ground. So I’m wondering what you all enjoy in TTT servers, and I’ll consider implementing it if it doesn’t muddle up gameplay or the server, and is fun. Of course, I wouldn’t implement everything, because that’d be a clusterfuck, but you get the idea.

I love simple TTT with a point system and a few custom traitor/detective items without intrusive addons – HUD, sound, or crappy M9K weapons. I am part of a minority in this belief is seems, unfortunately – thus, there are no popular minimalist communities anymore. Not to say I like low effort or low content servers, but rather, ones that are coded to be non-intrusive and smooth.

Obviously you can’t code this but a nice friendly community that actually interacts with randomers and gets them involved is really nice - a lot of servers come across as extremely circlejerk-y imo

I personally like a variety of traitor/detective items, preferably not things that are one hit kills because otherwise that’s all the team buys and each round becomes kinda similar

Communities have to be the most pivotal point in success in any gamemode I’ve noticed. Good servers that go down either fail from never taking off or having a toxic community that drive faithful players away.

basically vanilla TTT without 20 14 year old admins at any given time that will instaslay/kick/ban you on your first and only mistake

Thats why I made my own because all the ones I knew of that were like that shut down. Its really hard to find a mostly vanilla server that isn’t 24/7 minecraft

Propkilling. I hate it when people disable it because they don’t like being one hit killed by a T with a prop.

Maybe allow people to play without small player model addon or trails because the small player models mess up the hitboxes and trails can be a disadvantage and annoying if there spectating can ruin the game ect ect

I think I remember you teaching everyone how to propkill one day on Chiefehs like 5 years ago.

People focused on having fun and not being uptight, pretentious, dicks.

I was on a Dead Man Gaming server trying to get a quick traitor round and when there were three of us left, I shot the last traitor. He bitched and some spergy admin with no mic slayed me for two rounds.

I then said “I guess I’m the only one who still believes the punishment should fit the crime then huh?”

The prick perma-gagged me for that one.

He so politely wrote “You disagree? It’s not up for discussion.”

TTT is so full of shit anymore.

People are too sensitive and too serious to play a casual game these days.

That’s what Garry’s mod is supposed to be about. Casual Fun. Relaxing.

That’s why I like shooting headcrabs and listening to We are the champions after a nice T round.

No one-hit kill weapons, maybe the knife but other than that it’s very little gain for the T while giving someone a sure death

No insane amount of T/D weapons, experiment with what people like most and throw everything else away (It’s about what’s fun, not what’s good/overpowered)

NO POINTSHOP - Too much loading time for too little of an addon. It’s also quite annoying when you see “KOS HATSUNE MIKU” in the chat…

Something to do while you are dead - not necessarily the mainstream SpecDM, but just something in general, an option to do something whilst dead.

Having a nice and friendly playerbase on a server is probably the most important thing, especially on TTT. It improves the fun overall and can create hilarious and fun scenario’s at times.
If you want to start out and populate your server, it’s definitely recommended to play on your own server a lot with some friends to get regulars and to build up a small community. Without regulars, your server will be dead.

Having admins who play regularly, or can be asked to come on the server for a second is definetly a plus. It is really easy for one person to ruin the fun for the rest, especially compared to some other gamemodes like hide-and-seek.
Said admins should enforce the rules, but not be too strict on it. Nobody likes nitpicking and banhapppy admins that want to slay or punish you over every tiny mistake you make.

I would recommend getting some extra Traitor/Detective weapons, but make sure you don’t add too much, or that they are too powerful.
Even better would be to perhaps develop some original weapons yourself! (If you are capable of doing that ofcourse)

You could also make some tiny changes in TTT, that won’t impact the gameplay by a lot, but will still make your server unique!
For example, add some hl2 playermodels to the default playermodel rotation (not pointshop) , give the female models female deathsounds, make everyone do act dance or act cheer when the round ends.
Simple things that will catch the eye, but won’t/barely change the flow of the game or give you insane download times, yet give a bit of a different feel to your server.

Current TTT server I play on is mostly vanilla, has very tiny, yet unique changes to the gamemode and has no custom playermodels or pointshop or whatsoever. And it has a nice and well moderated community, which is my main reason for mostly playing there.

I usually expect some playermodels and even hats to be on the server. If anything, pick some HL2-related stuff to choose from, but I don’t really mind the occasional damned Miku either.

Also, I wonder how hard it would be to implement different Citizen models as default player models. Every round you spawn as a random white/black/asian Citizen.

But I guess the most important thing is the weapons. The weapons found across the map, and the weapons bought via credits.

For example, headcrab drop pod is a pretty cool T-wep, and some other cool T-weps I have seen is a crossbow with delayed explosive, but only on one server which is dead now. (UrbanGamers)

And 1-hit kill weapons are kind of annoying, gunfire can easily 1-hit kill alone through headshots. I guess 1-hit knife is alright. I’d still prefer if normal stab was half damage, while backstab and throw was instant kill.