What do you expect from Garry's Mod gamemodes in a few months time?

So, I think that in a few months time, Garrysmod will advance a lot gamemode wise.

Tell me what you think below :slight_smile: (Ideas are accepted XD)

I am working on a sandbox gamemode where you have to buy stuff to be able to spawn.

Like you link your creditcard to the server, and each prop costs 1 cent, so if you spam, you’re in trouble.
I think this gamemode will be really great, that’s what I think.

No, I’m not trolling. I’m being serious.

Are you that guy who tried bypassing ScriptEnforcer on perp by typing “sv_scriptenforcer 0” in console?
Just telling you, that doesn’t work.

More RTS’s
(Note: You cant bypass scriptenforcer by setting Sv_scriptenforcer to 0)


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Agreed but I hear Matt models for GMT and Sass So im just 100 percent sure he is working on something epic

Also, fish I have to compliment you on your fail attempt to shut down my dedi.

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GMT is as dead as anyone would think.

Even if Matt models for Sass and GMT, it would have anything to do with making an actual gamemode.


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