What do you find fun about roleplaying?

What do you/what would you find fun in roleplaying, it doesn’t have to be about the current RP going around in GMOD, just what you find fun.

I think what I find the most fun is player interaction, having stores where players are selling their own things etc. and having to actually socialize within the game.

Non-stop shooting kids who rdm me


Cops that arrest you on the suspicion that you exist and hitmen that assassinate people because they feel like it. Can’t forget the thousands of donator jobs that all do the same thing.

Spiderman SWAT.

building gas chambers in the town square and using them to remove the entire hobo population from the premises

The combination of players’ imagination and unexpected interactions with scripted entities that add to the storyline of the moment.

and then immediately get banned by the admin for breaking rules #5216, #412, #105, #786, #65 and rule 1: THOU SHALT NOT HAVE FUN ON AN RP SERVER

It’s not pre-2009 anymore :frowning:

Being banned for doing anything but being a thief and raiding 24/7.