What do you get for mounting CS:S on gmod?

Been thinking about getting it. So besides a (supposedly) good game, what do you get for mounting it on GMod? Weapons? NPCs? Maps?


How the hell is it dumb? I was asking a simple question.

Do you meen the content?

Yes I mean content. Such as: Do I get all the props from CS:S? Do I get the weapons? What about the maps?

everything included in CSS.

So every NPC/weapon/prop/map?

I dont think you get the NPC’s, but you get the props, the models and maps.

Hostages are the only NPC, and they’re basically the citizens from HL2, minus weapons.
(At least the source version is :P)
So, yes, you get less purple n’ black textures on servers.

Nice, okay. Thanks for the answers all.

You get css weapons, about 100+ more props, player models and regular ragdoll models, and all of the css maps which are pretty detailed in my opinion.

You don’t get ALL the CS:S weapons though, and they’re different to the actual ones (you can use the ironsights, for example).

Player models of every mountable game are included by default.

But you get to use them with no error. I mean really, gmod comes with ep.2 npc’s and can even spawn them, even though you get an error :ohdear:

That’s because it runs off the Ep2 engine.