What do you guys do at night time?

I was told not to burn a camp fire when I’m in my shelter at night because people can see it so what should I do other then sit in total darkness?

I’m confused. What kind of shelter?

If you are alone, just stay quiet inside, use this time to craft /check your steam chat / etc. Its not wise to make any kind of light from where you are at dark.

Gather during the day, craft at night. Yeah people can see your fire at night better, but there is also a lot less people moving around at night. Most hunker down in the dark, so yeah I do all my crafting and such at night, during the day I’m running around…

I usually build stuff in the night.

Im in my shelter but if I have campfire going people know that I am in there and I heard that is not good. So is there an alternative as opposed to sitting in total darkness lol with attracting attention?

Well, you can take the risk. Its probably not a good idead to use any kind of light alone, but if you need to melt what you’ve collected during the day, why not? Just consider the risks, your position, the size of your house (how many doors it would take to people reach to you? Would you be able to deffend it properly? Could they think that more people could be there with you?) etc.

Just craft, there is only 2 mins of complete darkness or so. Adjust gamma accordingly (everyone else has I promise) I leave my house before redout and come back after redout. Depending on how far my build has come (2 to 3 walls between my crafting room and an exterior wall) I will light a forge or campfire at night, but only if the light emitted is minimal.

Only carry low priority gear with you when you go out and save the good stuff for RAIDs. If you carry a Flashlight modded pistol and about 50x 9mm ammo you can defend from most hostile players and worst case just flick off the flashlight and run away using the darkness as cover.

In most cases using a flashlight by shining it in someones face at night will actually increase your chance of surviving to take them out, not paint you as a target. Just never, ever stand idle with a light on at night and it will be very hard to “sneak attack” you without you seeing them as well.

With a metal door, it’s not a huge issue. Wood doors can be hatcheted through, but a metal one takes C-4. I just sit there and laugh at the fools trying to get in.

I masturbate quietly so I don’t wake up the neighbors.

More like try to find a good spot for your shelter which is not that much visible so you can keep the fire lit but if you cant find one then craft and do other shit till its day again

I craft and prepare my inventory etc for another day of raiding/gathering. If you have a house down in a valley or somewhere tucked away you will be fine with having a fire inside. Just don’t burn next to windows and if you can, place barricades around the room that has the fire to help filter the light.

Go out with my Flashlight mod on my m4 and go hunting for campfires/houses with fires going on in them. Or torches.

I smack a flashlight on my M4 too. Night is the time to take advantage against other players. I’m not a bandit, but if someone loots me and I find their base, I come right at 'em when they least expect it. A night attack is about effective as General Washington’s attack on Trenton in the middle of the winter. I’ve never lost a battle overnight.

So you just go wandering around at night with a flashlight and a pack of C4? Good way to get your shit took. Most people I know don’t carry around C4 unless they have a specific destination in mind.

Because as was mentioned before, the majority of players in the game adjust their gamma in their graphics drivers and somehow manage to tolerate the shitty colors and super bright UI.

i cook my food, smelt, craft stuff and basically get everything preped for the next day. of course i play with my buddy and we both have fully modded m4s and a second floor that we use for sniping. so ppl coming up on our house isnt a big deal. we already killed like 4 ppl that had the balls to come up to our house at night.

I usually have a wank… and then i go kill animals…

if its primetime i tend to craft or check out the forums :slight_smile: