What do you guys look for in a gamemode?

Me and Bloodwave are co-developing a gamemode and we are stumped for ideas, so we’re asking you guys what you look for in a gamemode.

So Facepunch, what do you look for in an optimal gamemode?

Something that is original, would be replayable, has an appropriate art style and is fun to play. If you want some more specific ideas, glhf finding good ones.

If you plan on it being a large project, I’d also suggest not planning too much before starting on the actual work; otherwise, you’ll probably lose interest.

I need some more specific ideas here :v:

Something that is new, well done, adds a new level of gameplay, or is fun and satisfying.

A gamemode that would work with the map the server is on? Say if your on a server with a tornado map then you would like the gamemode to have a style related to the map… Like news reporters for warnings. A dark GUI, and a few other things. Though things i personally like is the PERP style how there is a black border around the screen and you can run out of breath. Realistic gamemodes are cool!

Harvest moon :v:

GAMEmodes. I want more gamemodes that feels like fun games, less slow paced roleplaying and gritty shooters. I want more fast casual gamemodes where you compete against other players, preferably without them being simple Deathmatch type games.

Teamwork is underrated. Co-op teamwork games can be fun too. Onslaughts, etc.

I was working on Onslaught:Evolved for the beta, but I got stumped when the items stopped being sent to the client. No idea why it happens, it’s included and AddCS’d in the init.lua, and included again in the cl_init.lua.

Well you must be doing something wrong somewhere, because all my stuff works fine in the beta, and i send a lot of shit to the client.

Advancing teamwork is not really hard. Just make a new snpc for that, and make that npc can kick some asses easily and set high shared bounty(or item dice for participant) then people will stick together and try to kill that snpc.

I made a gun shooting 150hp npc scanner and it was so l33t.
Also it was too hard to kill as fuck and some people quit my game.

Average hardcore is good man. :v:


Games that encourage players to work together, and punishes people who lone wolf.

Some degree of team-wide strategy is always nice, but no so much that you basically need a super-tightly-knit group of players working together to accomplish their goals - I should be able to drop into a random server, into a random team, and still be able to operate fairly well.

The goals and controls of the game should be fairly straightforward, not too dumbed down, and not too complex. If I can’t understand at least the basics of the game within five minutes of playing, I’ll probably get a bit frustrated with the game.

Gameplay mechanics beyond simple “Go to X, kill Y, defend Z, and buy W” are important, too. You can have those elements, but don’t make them the entirety of the game, unless you put some interesting and nonconventional spin on it.

And no fucking RP. RPGs are okay, if done well, but no fucking RP.

Replay-ability is a big factor, that and a reason to continue to play.

What I look for in a gamemode, fun. But that isn’t allowed anymore.

Hahaha, someone could come up with a red-light district like gamemode with special animations system. :smiley:


A possible HL2 campaign gamemode with a different kind of gameplay.