What do you guys recommend from garrysmod.org?

Title says it all.


Packs are more appreciated than individual stuff

Admin Swep packs?
Their just overpowered, nothing special, except for sending Combine flying of one of the towers in GM_BigCity.

More bandwidth for southamerica

PHX2, duh. Also, some SNPC packs like HL2 Renassaince or Dan’s Mega NPC Pack (any version, the AI coding is near perfect)

phx3 :eng101:

id say, boyancy tool, weight tool, smart constraint, smartsnap, and fin2.

Check the Releases forum.

More than likely any addon with good reception from the community is worth a try.

If ur gonna get anything like wire, PHX3, spacebuild, lifesupport etc. use an svn. I get them, from glua.net but im thinkin about going to tortise(but tortise slows my comp.)

download tortoisesvn
get what the above post mentioned

Well, the first things that come to my mind when you ask that are PHX and Wire, idk if those are on gmod.org anymore though.

Don’t get PHX or Wire from gmod.org.
If your gonna get them at all, use SVN.