What do you guys thing of the gunplay in rust?

So I’ve played rust for a little bit and so far I’ve felt like the gun play felt a little inconsistent compared to a lot of other games I’ve played. I play a lot of traditional shooters likes CSGO and Dirty Bomb and have also spent a lot of times on games with more in depth bullet mechanics like Arma 2 and 3 along with H1Z1. I feel like compared to other games I’ve played the combat feels a bit inconsistent and a little sluggish. These are my own personal opinions but allow me to explain why I feel this way.

     So first off I feel like that while the game tends to run well, there are often lag spikes when playing the game that drop your FPS pretty low for a few seconds. These tend to happen a lot in a gun fight and make it real hard to get those vital shots in before you go down. While this can probably be solved by getting an incredible computer, it probably should (and probably will) be fixed.

      Another thing that seems to get in the way of the gun play is that the movement seems a little slow. Especially when compared to legacy. Acceleration is probably what might make it feel like that. But it also probably comes from movement penalties from slopes and such.
       Something else that seems to bother me is that the armor is really really effective. Especially when you compare it to Kevlar in Legacy. Metal facemasks can actually eat a headshot from a boltie if you don't hit the eye and that's really weird. Hitting most parts of armor will actually cause you bullets to get eaten. Sometimes it has taken mean 7 hits to kill someone with an AK because they protect so well. It also take more than 10 bullets to kill with a custom SMG because of armor. I actually learned about how well they protected people by playing on battlefield servers on rust. The new metal armor is actually more effective than Kevlar in Legacy. It's also more effective than plate carriers in Arma 3 when compared to unarmored players. Maybe it's just me but they are really strong.

      Finally, some of the gun mechanics can be tuned to actually make firefights a lot smoother. I think that the weapons should have much better accuracy than they currently have. I think it should be like legacy where the weapons shoot pretty accurately, but have damage fall off instead of limited range. I also think that while recoil is pretty good how it is now, the custom SMG has a ton of it and doesn't do very much damage at all. Other than that I think that the first 2 shots of a burst have very low recoil so that you can tap fire for headshots with the AK and use it at longer ranges more effectively.

      So I guess I don't really have a voice in how the game development goes, especially when I don't put hours into crafting the game myself, I'm not going to bitch if none of these are even considered. But these are my ideas as to what might improve gun play. I just wanted to talk about it a bit and even have everyone else talk about the gunplay a bit. Feel free the leave your own ideas of the gunplay and the mechanics surrounding it and how you feel about it. Or just talk about some of the points I made with a counter argument.

I actually completely agree with you. I made a similar post not that long ago about how most guns in the game are useless and under-powered and the Ak is the only viable option, especially seeing as the armour is stupidly tough (as you said).

All anyone does is sidestep because of how slow the bullets travel, really annoying.

Wish we had something like high velocity bullets…

I see what you did there, and I agree :slight_smile:

I disagree with most of things with op. Your flaw is that you’re comparing to legacy. This isn’t legacy and it isn’t trying to be. I personally really like how effective armor is. It forces you to shoot weakpoints instead of just dumping more ammo into one spot. The only thing I agree with is the lag spikes. They happen seemingly randomly and kill the framerate to single digits for a couple seconds. Every time I am in a firefight I pray it won’t hitch. Bullet drop is great, hitscan does not fit Rust at all.

Clunky, rubbish and laggy servers does not help it.

Maybe this new patch fixes that last part, but personally I would want it closer to the legacy than it is now.

Atleast redo the models, lessen the muzzle flash so we actually see where we hit.

The muzzle flash is a bit overdone and so is the smoke effect on the P250. It’s like I’m at a Genesis concert in 1981. Abacab! :slight_smile:

I’d like to get a gun to actually use.

In all honesty, shotgun range/spread needs a buff. Right now you need to facehug to get SOME pellets to hit.

Lots of people liked Legacy’s gun play a lot better. I make the comparisons because while it had some flaws there were good things about it that I would like to have carried over to the new game. Just because it’s old or different doesn’t mean they were bad mechanics.

Anyways, about the armor. The armor should protect where it covers because it makes sense to reward players who are able to get a shot or two in on the weak points. But gun recoil makes it kind of unreliable to try to take calculated shots in spots the armor does not cover. The other thing is that even when I go for a head shot the damage is negated way too much. I just feel liked players should be better rewarded for good recoil control and their ability to precisely hit a head shot.

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I also never said hit scan should be part of the game, the bullet physics are nice

Legacy’s pvp is superior and always will be superior (that is why the game is more fun to play)

Experimental pvp just feels weird and is not that fun like legacy.

I’m pretty sure an inch thick piece of metal would do a lot to protect you from bullets. Thing is though that the kind of armour it is you would be stuck to the ground under the weight, unless it’s like super aluminium or titanium lol

Legacy felt more like a generic shooter with no soul to me. New Rust feels like you’re using shitty, handmade weapons and ammo which I really like. Yes, recoil is shit but what do you expect from a gun made with shovel handle and pieces of metal. Shooting in bursts causes very manageable recoil anyway. And the rifle has none.

Great post. Thank you. I think they need to work on the gun combat to improve it.

I personally liked legacy combat better, but have not used guns enough in new Rust to have a good opinion of them. Guns in legacy just felt better to use.

If they are going for the realistic route, I hope they can learn from games like Arma III that seem to do this well. Maybe they need to increase velocity of all bullets and reduce some of the bullet drop to make them more realistic and play better.

I’m a bit biased towards hit scan because of my days with Halo. I like this new bullet system better, I just wish the travel times were a bit faster. Its nice though, because I have actually seen fights where two people with spears have taken out an AK wielder because the guy was a bad shot. Don’t think you see that as much in legacy because hit scan is so easy to use. Great for arena shooters, not so great for survival PvP.

Guns that we made with our bare hands in the middle of the bush should be perfectly accurate.

Sorry, I disagree. I think guns should jam, be inaccurate and not be as effective as if we researched the gun a lot or found a high quality one in a rad town.

If you want to argue that guns should be hard to use for realism’s sake, then consider that a lot of other things in the game shouldn’t work either. How would you make a gun in the first place? How come are we able to create working quarries and pump jacks that work on engines? How does the armor block so much damage if they are thin pieces of sheet metal? How are we able to create complex walled structures?

I don’t think mechanics in a game should exist for realism’s sake, even if that sort of stuff if fun to code. It makes more sense to make a play well than it does to make it play realistically. Reality wouldn’t make for a fun game, especially for rust. It would be better if rust’s art style remains just an art style rather than a game mechanic.

When its not laggy, its very good IMO. Aim really matters and positioning is important, when its a rubber band storm though…its just random and sucks

Road sign armor isn’t an inch thick of steel, but it still blocks lots of shots. The coffee can helmet, the metal facemask, and the bucket helmet aren’t an inch thick, but they still block head shots. The only thing that’s debatable is the metal chest plate and even that doesn’t look like it’s an inch thick to me.

Though if we gave the benefit of the doubt and assumed these things were an inch thick, the force from a head shot from basically any bullet in rust could snap your neck, concuss you, or a lot of other stuff. The forces from getting shot in an inch thick chest plate will result in severe internal bruising which requires hospital treatment, you may even have broken ribs or internal bleeding.