What do you guys think is the best VALUE host?

Well guys, Ive got a bit of a dilemma-
I’m currently renting from lowpings. Very unsatisfying. They overload their boxes, leading to unbearable lag during the times of the day when all of the other servers on the box are full.

When I say value, I mean the highest performance^2 / price ratio (Yes, I am placing more emphasis on good performance than on good price)

No, xenonservers is not high performance. I have used them, and despite being satisfied with the price:performance ratio, there just wasn’t enough power. Please do not tell me “YES IT IS I RUN A UNIQUE 20 SLOT DARKRP SERVER ON DOWNTOWN AND IT NEVER LAGS.” It does a lot of things well, but the gamemode I run is very resource intensive and requires something a bit faster (and more expensive?) than xenon.

So while you are at it, go ahead and post the highest performance provider you know of as well as the best VALUE (see above definition) host that you know of.

What is your budget for this server?

I’m looking for 20 slots and it would have to be pretty impressive to go above 2 bucks per slot… so do the math. That being said, if phenomenal performance is available for more, I wouldn’t cross it off my list


I dont care if you server hosts just advertise to me, but seriously, is anyone madly in love with their host?

What country?

Did you open up a support ticket about the lag when you were with Xeon Servers?.

If so, what did they say.

If not, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Das- USA
Darksoul- You can only get so fast for such a low price. Xenon serves a very important purpose; a quality budget host that is good for RP servers and the like

Sounds like you need to optimise your gamemode.


Servers only run as well as you optimise your code.

Sounds like bullshit. You don’t even know what gamemode he’s running and that statement is more of an odd case than anything. There are shit hosts out there that don’t manage their boxes well or provide low end boxes.

To the OP, don’t all hosts give you details about what boxes your server runs on as well as how much of the box is dedicated to you?

You can also rent a virtual private server which are more expensive but will definitely give you a lot of hosting power and performance.

Honestly, I think a VPS is going to be your best solution. No shared host is going to satisfy your needs.

Haha. You’re pretty funny, thinking you know more about coding than me and all. I don’t know what gamemode he is running, but it doesn’t matter. How well your server performs is directly related to how optimised your code is.

The hardware usage of SCRDS is low enough for the effect from packing boxes to be quite small.

He might do?

It doesn’t look like he does. I went by the assumption he doesn’t as there’s no links on his profile to prove he does.

Why would links on his profile prove he does?


From yours, I can tell you’re a mapper. Either that, or you upload other people’s maps. But I doubt that.

Thats not enough evidence to judge… Some scenarios:

  1. Lua Coder for a gaming community
  2. Makes private addons or what ever
  3. Dislikes this community :smiley:

I can tell two things from this response:

A: You never did create a support ticket about it.

Or B: You were never hosted with them.

The first two are true for me. I haven’t even seen him post in the Lua section, so until proven otherwise I will continue to think as I do.

I have no problem with that but im just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with GTXGaming.co.uk. Around £6 for 12 slots, and you can change the slots in the server.cfg (I pay £6 a month for 30 slots) plus I always get 13-30 ping.

No seriously don’t the I/O on a VPS is crap for servers like this, try www.clanbaselive.com


They obviously aren’t a good host if they let you do that.