What do you hate about DarkRP

Hey guys i am working on a DarkRP server.
My question is, what do you guys hate about DarkRP
And how can DarkRP be better.
In my server:

Admins will always be online.
We will have an age restriction of 15 and older, allthough i am still 13.
And more.

I hate how it’s Dark RP

If you’re not stealing money-printers from other people as a mobster, you’re either the Gundealer, the Mayor, or Civil Protection. Every other profession has absolutely no use what so ever, nobody depends on them for anything but stealing their money-printers. If you’re not playing gangsters, mayor, or gundealer, you’re going to be bored to tears because you can’t do anything that will have any significant effect on the game. You’re like a mortal spectator to the game, who spawns money-printers.

Bad RP

Basically, DarkRP needs more reasons for people to interact outside of trying to kill each other.

DarkRP only works if you do what OA does and force people into a scripted, linear environment of:

  1. Wake up.
  2. Go to the shop.
  3. Buy food.
  4. Go home.
  5. Sleep and repeat.

It could work with a couple of friends, but you should add some scripted features to make all other jobs required. Maybe even get rid of the crime-oriented jobs all together.

What I’m saying is make it original. Not every server needs the good guys vs the bad guys as they make guns and ammo appear out of no where, and then they have constant warfare in the street.

lol. do you not know how easy it is to fake your age on the internet?

the maturity (or the lack-there-of) of the playerbase

I actually like seeing crime without specific jobs for it. It makes it feel like emergent gameplay, criminal organizations popping up from players just deciding it works for them.

Its not sandbox.

Simski put it out rather nicely.
RP can only exist if it obeys the Butterfly Effect. If one player can’t radically change everything for the entire community, then RP will not exist.

I hate the fact that it was stolen from the original Light-RP

I hate the fact that every server you go on, they’re mostly all 9 year old children, whinging and bitching about something that’s realistic.

I hate how its arguably the most hated Gamemode yet no one tries to think outside of the box to try to change it. In-fact Im quite sure people hate the players it attracts instead of the gamemode yet they always blame the gamemode.

As the saying goes. A workman always blames his tools.

I’ve always wanted to try, but a combination of a lack of money, people, motivation, time and DDoS attack protection have kinda been in the way.

I have been working on a darkrp edit with someone that should have some cool features. But have any of you seen all the custom darkrp servers out there?

I mean the top servers on garrysmod are darkrp servers and they definitely aren’t lacking.

Honestly, I think DarkRP needs to be totally reworked in order to be good again.
First of all, remove ALL forms of auto-salary. It’s terrible. All you have to do is go AFK for 10 mins and you’ve got $500 easily. Some classes (such as gun dealer) should have a bit of start-up money. Max should be $1,800 (gun dealer only there, chefs and others would need less). And if you change class (or job, whatever) you would lose all that money, and anything you bought that hadn’t been sold would disappear. The money would also be non-transferable e.g. if you’re a gun dealer, you can’t buy food with it. It’s locked to buying guns ONLY. With Chefs it would be for buying ingredients (more on this later), that they couldn’t eat (it would be locked to only other players being able to) unless they had grown it themselves.

The police force needs a redo. Instead of just whatever cop who gets to the jail to collect bail gets the money all should when bail is collected, and when a criminal is arrested.

The mayor should not be exempt to the no-salary rule. They would be able to get money by holding events such as prop-olympics. Mafia would be funded by their rewards from crime. Thieves would have to steal and stuff so they can get cash.

S.W.A.T. are useless, so get them the heck out of DarkRP unless they are Bots during a lockdown (which never happens anyway)

Radio hosts would get paid by people advertising on the radio (to get rid of that stupid free advertising system)
Wire Tech guys would get paid by the work they do, and the rest of the server would have Wire and all toolgun (except Weld, Easy Weld, Material, Remover, etc) stuff.

The hobo job is pretty much well OK by me at this point.

There should also be object-specific demotions, such as guns (if you’ve been categorized into the gun demote area, you would both lose your current job and any form of gun usage.

Guns themselves need to be reworked, to make it be that only certain jobs can use them. But other jobs can still have them, and they can only fire at a person if that person has just shot at them.

And, so that people can still buy shops and that even though there’s no starting money, allow them to have a max of three doors and then they have to pay for them. Or put them in “debt”, so if they haven’t payed for one of the doors they start taking damage (if they die and respawn, they lose all their doors.)

That’s really all DarkRP needs to be fixed and working again. Also get rid of everyone who thinks it’s meant to be realistic, because it isn’t :wink:

I would modify it myself, but I’m inexperienced with code and currently making my own Mod. So maybe someone could do it and give a small bit of credit to me :slight_smile:

The main problem with “Making DarkRP better” is you will still get the target audience of 10 year old DDOSing kids joining. Its best to get the gamemode and change its name slightly to attract a new audience and reputation you would have to get the creator of DarkRP’s permission unless you wanted to code everything from scratch.

DarkRP is near enough completely open source, the only thing you should keep in is the credits but we can’t force you to.

Ah. Thanks for informing me :slight_smile:

DarkRP is too simple and too available… and the worst part is the extreme fast walking speed which is BAD for roleplaying… but 12 year old admins like that part.
i hate how 99% of darkrp servers use the rp_downtown maps. mappers have created so many maps but rp_downtown which is one of the worst maps is still being used. i miss the old days with rp_hometown1999/2000, rp_csdesert, rp_OMGcity.