What do you hate in RP?

In any RP, I hate the fact when I hold a civilian job and I do hit job for someone, I get cunted out by some twelve year old for taking his job (Hitman). I also hate the admins who tell you to leave your shop when it’s under attack to go buy a gun instead of prop pushing the people out and blocking the doors.

But seriously, post your most hated things of RP.


I hate RP in General because of the high amount of prepubescent kids being admins and abusing their powers.
I’ve yet to find a good server that isn’t laggy or filled with idiots.

I hope that isn’t “posting shit”.

People who take RP too seriously. I’ve seen servers where if one person goes off and does their own thing for character development that is not canon with the storyline, they go bashit insane and start shouting at said player. RP is about freedom to live another life, not to follow some linear storyline crap.


Edt: Fucking ninjas :wink:

I’m an assassin and someone pays me to kill the mayor, I snipe the mayor and

“wow fucking rdm ban him”

admins actually listened to him so I was banned

I hate RP in GMod because most servers are either:

  • DarkRP servers where admins abuse their powers, people kill each other, and the only “roles” to play are cops, gangsta’s, and the mayor.
  • Servers using gamemodes that restrict RP to the point where proper RP is impossible (cider and gamemodes based off of it is guilty of this).
  • “Serious” RP communities whose community is elitist in that you only get to RP if your friends with the right people and generates more drama than a daytime soap opera.

What I hate about RP the most, is the fact that an RP server is a community in which when one benefits from something, the other is damaged from it.

Meaning - if I’m the mob boss and I break into your house and steal your money, you are mad at me, and you will want revenge.
Either you will just go to me and RDM me, or you will tell a cop.
That cop will arrest me, and then I will be mad at him.
It goes on and on like that - whenever someone is “happy”, another person is “mad” - just like Combine_Z said earlier, he killed the mayor as a hitman and he was banned.

I think RP mod has too many flaws, and yet I keep coming back to it…

Cider: It’s just akward to play.
Taco: “What’s /me? I only use /ev!”

Absolutely Correct. I think what we need now is a new contender who know exactly what they are doing, or bring back a community that had roleplay in the past, was good at it, and then stopped for some unknown reason. I would have a server that would attempt to be like this if I could get the 20$ a month for one.

I had a weird theory that people looked at War of The Servers (it had lots of contact with rp) and are in belief that we needed mingebag communities over good communities.

I disslike RP sience it’s more than 85% mingebags and other non-role players.
Mingebags cause they spam and prop deathmatch
Non-role players cause they often yust join to destroy, random killing and pissing you off totaly. then i hate admin abusers cause they allways have 99999999 money, allways pisses people off and destroying the fun with RP

I hate:
#elitist HL2RP servers where you can only do anything decent on them if you ‘donate’ a load of money.
#RDM full darkRp servers with 10 year old admins who alway noclip into your house and steal stuff, even though they have a load of money.
#completely resctrictive and unrealistic servers who claim to be realistic and serious roleplayers.

I think to make roleplay on gmod better we either need fun scenario roleplays ( which may invovle alot of fighting but still incorporate roleplay) or unrestrictive real life roleplays with harsh (but not abusive) admins to keep the idiots away.

the only server I have found like this is meteornet (used to be Melonbrew), but unfortunately it is often empty. I also think Insurgency RP has potential if only the owner would take advice…

JoeSkyLynx: What is with you and War of The Servers? You mention it all the time and I hardly ever seen anyone else mention it. As for your theory, only an idiot could think that we need bad communities, maybe less serious, but not bad.

On the ESB server

im sure you know it

I was under attack my a prop pushing minge

i bought a house for £1000 :smiley:

then he flys above it and gets in i say

Hey get out my house

… this is my house

O.o wtf i just bought it

then a admin comes on

the guy wont stop killing me so i say to the admin

The admin kicks me for whining

I come back

why was i kicked

because ur a whiny 2 year old fag

Plug in my mic


Oh sorry for calling you a 2 year old


so i report him for admin abuse on there forums

I get banned perma

I bet you didn’t post any proof. I would permaban someone for calling admin abuse on one of my admins if they didn’t post any proof.

Spartin stop whining that you got banned from every server in the land. You do it every thread.

And try and spell better and use better grammar.

When someone comes in, changes their job to Terrorist, spams wire explosives everywhere and explodes them unless he is paid.

Fail owner.

Garry’s Mod is a full of idiots. Also, reason behind me liking WOTS topic so much, is because I like to give underdogs of a new era some attention.

Also, I use WOTS as an explationary theory, do too it being a very off bound topic too explain.

When somebody randomly goes out of character and starts doing random crap, making everybody else join in, destroying the RP in under one minute.

And when people walk around with a physgun/grav gun. Even if they don’t do anything with it, it’s just dumb.

Fucking this.

I’m sick of having to deal with: