What do you hate most about DarkRP?

I know that many of you hate DarkRP, and I can understand that, but I never heard a real reason from someone. Why do you hate DarkRP?
Me, I first liked DarkRP and I have my own server, actually. I started this thread to find the main problems of DarkRP and try to avoid them on my server. I’m not going to advertise, though, don’t ban me :c
I played on a lot of servers, especially the RP Gaming one, but there were kids with mics everywhere (kids with mics should be banned from this world) and all the admins were abusing.
I searched for some other DarkRP servers, but I found that they were all the same: squeakers, “donating” to get admin, rulebreakers and the staff not giving a fuck.
So what do YOU hate about DarkRP?

I hate abusive admins.
Squeaky kids I can deal with, piss em off and they try to “raid” you, and then you plug em with lead and off they go, crying RDM back to spawn.
But admin abuse… eugh. Taking the robber job just so you can spam prop-breaking grenades and raid us on your own with buffed health is just scummy. Moreso when we succeed in killing you, and you break your own rules to come back and continue it until we die. That or you start kicking people when you get killed.

The server I’ve been on as of late though has been pretty cool. Admin’s seem responsive, its actively developed, lots of space to move around in, but not too much that you get lost and never see anyone.

Okay, we’ll probably be focussing on the rule breakers and the abusive admins. I really don’t know why servers offer admin if you donate, because then it’s not donating anymore, it’s just buying admin and that’s gonna cause trouble. I’ll make sure we won’t sell admin, maybe donations but you won’t get anything for it. After all, isn’t that what donating actually is? Not in DarkRP, it seems…

First thing I see is a loading screen from CoderHire.
Second thing I see is a HUD and F4 menu I’ve seen on over 500 other servers, from CoderHire again.
Third thing I see is Mad Cow’s, CS:S Realistic Weapons or M9K.
Then I see that the admin is probably under 5.
Then I’m permabanned.

A unique DarkRP server would be a vanilla DarkRP server.

Donations that off the roleplay, AKA guns/jobs/admin.

Admins under the age of sixteen.

Abusive admins.

The NLR.

The “No RDMing rule.”

Servers that have fucktons of swep packs, Jesus, just use one.

Servers that have guns so fucking easy to get, then have NLR and RDM rules (People of Gaming is fucking guilty in this regard.).

Music in loading screens.

Under-powered Police jobs.

One-life Mayors.


Servers that try to use a popular theme, such as Zombies, War, Space, but fall right fucking on their face.

Servers with custom jobs made specifically for a paying user.

Any other bullshit

Hitmen jobs

Ridiculous Sweps


Servers with the following:
Tiny maps (Without many rooms/stores/houses)
ULTRA-SUPER-MEGA-HD Car packs that are like, 60Mb
Rules regarding citizens and raiding (Especially apocalypse servers. IT’S THE FUCKING APOCALYPSE. NOT A SUBURB!)
Servers with loading music

Also Mark90, Most servers use the vanilla mayor class. The vanilla one has demote on death by default.

I hate just about everything.

Toddlers that use mommy’s credit card to pay 5 to 30 bucks to achieve the cheap “Admin” rank. And then they go around saying “oh i’ll ban you dude”.

Toddlers that get pissed off when they fail a raid and claim they’re going to DDoS the server after they disconnect.

People driving around in HL2 Jeeps.


People who say they aren’t going to put a keypad on their door because they “cant figure out how to do it”.

Gay wooden cars/shops/ANYTHING WOODEN.

Fall damage.

I would continue but I must leave for work.

the fact that server owners can’t figure out how to modify their server besides dragging folder x into folder y and editing text file z

Personally I do not hate the gamemode darkrp, because it is a gamemode you can edit to do what you want with it.

Now what I do dislike is how the majority of servers that are in darkrp flood the server-list, and they are all the exact same thing. There is no difference anymore and it seems like people do not even need to try.
It really takes away from servers that actually try to do some cool stuff.

Gmods creativity is at a extreme down-low.

Also on a side note?
Are we like allowed to just like rename darkrp to darkrp2.0 and just separate ourselves from the copy and paste servers. :v:

2.0 would probably be a bad number to choose since the official build is 2.5

You’re also not supposed to rename gamemodes unless they really are a completely separate type of game. It’s not like you’re going to get punished and that it isn’t already being done, but it’s not “supposed” to be done.

I was being sarcastic which is why I used the :v: face lol

If anything actually doing that would lower your chances of getting people to join your server. It would not be at the top.

Its a shame, the gamemode itself is pretty good. but all the idiotic admins, owners, and communities totally wrecked it and gave it a bad image

My only problem with DarkRP is that all the problems it has can be linked back to Money Printers.
Without a true economy, DarkRP isn’t a gamemode about Roleplaying, but really a slow paced deathmatch.


Restrictive, illogical, stupid and/or biased rules.


I was a robber this one time, about to break into someone’s store. I was on a roof, and then this 11 year old appeared…

Kid: hay d00d you didn’t call a raid

Me: What?

Kid: im gunna demote u cuz you didnt avertise a raid

Me: I am just breaking into a store… doing my “job”.

Kid: there isnt even anything good in there

Me: …

Kid: thats it your getging dem0ted

I got demoted for picking a lock as a theif


Yep, pretty much every DarkRP server I join, I get banned from.

god damn how old are you like 7

i might as well ask yu the same thing jesus crist put effort into your potss

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The Dark RP community.

Damn, so many responses. So a good DarkRP server is just a vanilla server without anything fancy? That’s great to know, thanks! I’ll remove all the unnessecary addons so that the download will be as small as possible and I’ll make sure that I won’t be giving a 10 year old admin rights. This could take a while, though… Now, to find an affordable host…