What do you like about Roleplaying?

What do you enjoy about it? Why do you do it?

Thinking of making a map myself, any advice would be great.


trolling guys with Google translator. I mean,

Joining “[ENG]lol some america server”

Me says: こんにちはみんなは、すべての吸う!

admin wounders

i say: ちょっと管理者は、あなたが吸う!決して翻訳のことを聞いた?
And so on.

Detail. Being able to immerse myself in a character and act out actions through them

Personally, I enjoy the roleplay.

I wish setting up a *decent *script wasn’t such a pain in the ass, though.

When people actually roleplay. When a good business starts and it thrives. Roleplay with out any longest too