What do you like doing best on RP?

Well, mine is sure threatening the town with a nuke for ransom, never works out as they find me, but it’s still fun. What’s yours?

I like going around as a police officer, and trying to follow police procedure in real life and such, although it’s hard to get others to do the same, like I tell people to face the wall and I search and take any weapons I have, then I read them their miranda rights before arresting them. XD

I like going to the mayors office, and taking him hostage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Placing traps
I mean it says “DO NOT PUSH”
Yet they do anyway…

Probably being a cop and arresting criminals, trying to RP it as much as possible (Read them rights, take them to PD, etc.).

But everyone knows their rights already anyway :smiley:

Being a hobo with a pistol and aimbotting everyone out of the server :v:


I like to RP as:
A deity.
Faction Leader.
Faction Member.

Basically it.


making awesome forts with multiple layers.then tricking people in to raiding them. and at the very bottom layer of props theres a note saying “SUCKASSSSS” that what i do 8D

I joined a server and put on a concert. Like a legit concert. Bought a venue (C18 that has that basement place) bought permits for the show and for liquor, sold tickets, hired bouncers and bartenders, built up a stage complete with instruments, had cops stand in a line, and I put a few bands on through my mic and people danced and “drank” and my show eventually ended when I tried starting a riot in the middle of The End by The Doors.

Loved that server. Then it changed hands and if I even join, I get ragdolled and kicked.


Or I build a shop and work as something random. Worked as a lawyer once, secretary, made a bodyguard company once, filed peoples papers, it was cool.

Say you just did something arrestable IRL. It would be a bad part on the cop to just take you in without reading you your rights and charges.

Plus not everybody was arrested 10 times…


I take stuff with gravgun and put it in the trash in downtown :stuck_out_tongue:

Over charging citizens, for getting them out of d13 basically they become a recruit.

My favorite part of RP is passive rp. Making stuff happen is my favorite thing to do.

“civil corrodnator”
basicly tell the city what to do if there is an emergency

and or shy person who falls in love “only on servers with a female option because im not gay”

I’m “that random nice cook that you give money to that ends up using the money for guns and shoots everyone and runs them over with cars”.
Yeah, I can’t fit that in the /job naming.

please leave facepunch