What do you like durability set to?

Just curious what other server owners/administrators are setting their durability setting to and why. And does durability play a factor in the servers you join?

It seems in our DB that’s all over the place:

Would like to sort of get a consensus on what people think is a standard set of durability settings.

Oh and it’s monday :frowning:

Vanilla durability.

I’ve been using vanilla purely because I run a vanilla server and see no way to change it. But ideally I think the durability needs to be stretched out a bit. I’d like to see maybe 1/3 to a 1/2 increase in times.

Mine is set to in server.cfg to -

conditionloss.damagemultiplier 0.3 (default is 1 so slightly less than 1/3rd)
conditionloss.armorhealthmult 0.2 (the default is 0.25 I think? can’t remember now)

For simple tags I’d suggest : Extreme, Full, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, none.

Both my armor and tool/weapon settings are at 0.1.

I agree. The base durability is a bit too low. A single resource run will involve me going through 1-3 tools. Repair cost should be lowered a bit too, IMO. The whole thing is slightly unbalanced right now, IMO.

Depending on the tool, I often just opt for crafting a new tool rather than repairing.

I have gotten used to it be honest and I think the damage table is pretty good. Maybe lower repair cost a hair is about it. What would help fix the problem, like throwing away stone hatches, is to allow you to repair items in the field if they did not take a work bench to create them.

I think the armor is about right, now if I get swarmed by 3 kevlars and I get a few hits, I know at least I ruined their armor some. Plus it’s hilarious when you knock a guys pants off.

My only real complaint with durability is the amount of permanent durability an item loses when it’s repaired. I think it’s 12% right now, 5% would be more reasonable.