What do you like in a server?

Hey i have a brand new server and i want to get people to like it, so i want to know what you like. Please tell me what addons,maps and gamemodes you like.

Thanks, kablamo

For sandbox you would be better off installing minimal things. PHX3, wiremod, A good parenting tool, a copy of smartsnap, maybe some other useful tools like Connas shit (not that useful to me, really, but some poeple use it). Just try and keep things at a minimum so it doesn’t rape the server up.

As for maps, it’s mostly preference of the owner, but you could have a simple flatgrass, and then something nicer looking (I think Xhizors first construct map looks good personally).

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

edit : I was thinking of installing a few good stools like stacker and smart weld.

No fucking mingebags destroying or messing with the stuff I make, I swear it would be the best invention ever if someone made it possible to punch someone over the internet.


Please don’t spam the thread with one word posts, it is pointless.

k sorry

No idiot admins that goes like “how do you ban people”, or ban people for things like “you tried to crash the serveR” just because a player accidently spawned a barrel, or “your ping is too high” for someone with a ping of 80ms
or similar people

At least try and post a complete statment, with proper grammer and puncuation.
I am directing this at Kablamo
Also cakez, you would be surprised how many admins do that.

OH really? Apparently I haven’t been on the gmod building community for a while
The 12 year old minge admins are ruining the games

You got that right, god damned minges.


What i like in a server:

-Flatgrass style map with water
-Boyancy tool
-Weight tool
-Admins older than 13 :slight_smile:

Are you guys saying I am a mingebag because when the server admin is feeling nice I do ent_fire player setparent !self?

Good thing I said try. Therefor, I just gave myself some leeway.

[ Things I like in a server ]

  • Admins that aren’t retards (I don’t give a shit about age, I give a shit about intelligence)
  • Large and/or simple map
  • PHX, Wire, Stacker, Weight, Buoyancy (if water map)
  • Good variety of other addons

[ Things I don’t give a fuck about either way ]

  • Noclip
  • PvP damage

[ Things I hate in a server ]

  • RP gamemode of any sort (I just don’t like RP)
  • Ridiculous and/or retarded admins and/or rules.
  • Joining a server only to be forcefully shoved into another server (happens mainly with CS:S, but still sucks)