What do you like in an RP map?

Like the title says, “What do you like in an RP map?” In other words what features of some RP maps do you love?

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Stores, houses, banks w/vaults, lots of driving space, BIG maps w/o lag, railroads, mini-games, secret areas, underground areas, warehouses, gun shops etc

tunnel system, no use less rail roads that no one uses, No css textures, well lit, bank compatible with keypad, Ware houses ,apartments , mayor room, police station, gun shop no dispencer

An efficient map that doesn’t look crap, and is optimised.


Plus lots of areas that can be blocked off and used as extremely secure houses, really nicely made gunshops like roleplay town has, and a few houses with a police non accessable panic room to hide from people who are abusing power. maybe every few houses should have a vault to hide printers in.
Also for good detail, a few crawl space hidden access areas to hide from people in, you know hidden doors camouflaged as walls.

  • good sniper spots.

The thing i like about RP maps is when you get into fights with police when your the gangsters and theres chases and all that. In downtown i liked the idea of the pawn shop because it was easier for
gun dealers

2-3 Apartments
A least 5 stores.
A gunshop.
Police station with Mayor Room.
Train tunnel with working trains.
And more, I won’t name them though.

Nice and simple, like rp_downtownv2.

Something like gm_construct. I know. But my computer is a bucket of crap and crashes on rp_downtown.

Well… A map that has everything mentioned above to the top of this topic, also they should be well guarded (alarms in apartments. Example: Someone is picking the lock, and the door’s alarm set’s off).

Something good that stands out in the crowd.

Apartments, houses, a hospital, a police station, a gunshop with no dispensers, a mayors office, a sewer, warehouses, a slums area (With boarded up houses), a bar, a hotel, a casino, and a car shop.

Generic buildings which can be used by anyone for any purpose of a variety of styles and sizes, and a Nexus with a place for the Mayor

I forgot, the map should be open like evocity.

Big enough to suppot lots of shops
Underground sewers and stuff
A PD with realistic jails
A good mayor’s office
A gun shop with a gun dispencer
Lots of hard to spot hidden places
Trains you can get in
Lots of apartments with lots of rooms
A DAY map
All or most roofs of buildings to be accessable

A Car shop like on EvoCity2 except a little smaller like 2 doors both with places u can get underneath the cars :).
Also a gunshop without a gun dispenser because that just leads to problems.

A map should have a tall building, like a sky scraper, for the mayor and police.

I’d rather not see a new RP map, as they never get used, and e already have a decent amount of them. I’d rather see people trying to re-birth old GM9 RP maps, as they were all fairly excellent for multi-use, or specialized uses. Make a map for another gamemode instead, one that seems to be severely lacking in good maps (Spacebuild, deathrun, those kinds of things).

Yeah there was this one based off of Amsterdam or something and Dang that was an epic map sadly i don’t see any1 playing it. :frowning: