What do you like the most in This section.


we have comics???

The guy who rated me friendly, is definately doing comics Joazzz :slight_smile:

Slowly but surely.

Scenebuilds. I love large, well edited, organic scenebuilds. They make great wallpapers, they’re fun to create, and working with them can teach editing skills and (sort of) set design. Scenebuilds are the shit.


Scenebuild master race

I like screenshots. I’m not too big a fan of scenebuilds since people tend to focus on the build more than the end image. Maybe that’s a skewed perception, I don’t know. I’m a minimalist by trade despite my excess of editing.

Although I confess more than timid of posting or being seen in this section beyond making threads for my own work because it seems like people here single me out and intentionally make up what I’m saying or trying to convey in order to fulfill some preconception of me as a hateful and egotistical pariah.

While that might have been true in the past, I’ve been actively trying to make up for it by taking on board criticism and advice and trying to mix up what I do, and it seems like when I genuinely improve none of the usual critics are to be found, but when I make something that’s shit it seems like there isn’t enough posting time in the day for them.

It dissuades me from making things and makes me just want to stop altogether instead of encouraging me to improve. And when I say this people seem to take it as the ravings of a madman who threatens to take his toys away from the party when nobody wants them, instead of a statement that the kind of criticism they’re providing isn’t conducive to improvement.

I don’t pin this on any specific cause, but it just feels kind of… alien? I don’t know. It makes me feel disconnected from this place and start to lose all will to care. If I weren’t so enthralled with making pictures and getting my ideas into a visual medium I’d probably have completely fucked off already because of it.

I don’t know why I typed all of that when I know it’s going to be written off anyway, but I felt like I should at least air my feelings about this place since I tend to go silent a lot in this section nowadays.


I like that picture where Kleiner was giving birth. That is the only reason why I visit this section everyday; just to see that picture again.

I like the WIP thread the most, because it’s the only thing left of the contraptions forum we used to have.

That seems to be the nature of the Facepunch screenshot section, yes. Even the most amazing pictures get only a handful of short replies and are soon lost amidst the newer threads; the controversial or terrible stuff, though, gets dozens of in-depth replies, even if often they’re very aggressive. I don’t think it encourages anyone who puts decent work into their stuff. I wonder if that’s why some people, like lonefirewarrior - whose work was my favorite -, seem to be gone from the forums, even when they’re active elsewhere.

Also, I was one of the few people who voted for comics, which is probably obvious to most of you. I only got into Garry’s Mod ages ago because of the storytelling potential and the fantastic, fun comics people used to make constantly 9 years ago. Frankly, in my personal opinion only, I don’t really like screenshots that much - even the most amazing, mind-boggling stuff that I’d take ages to replicate (with probably much worse results) doesn’t interest me because you simply look at it once and move on. It never really sticks to your memory, and there’s hardly a lot of deep context in it to justify analyzing, whereas comic stories are re-readable and the best ones extremely memorable. But again, that’s just my opinion and obviously you’ll disagree, otherwise you wouldn’t be here making your scenebuilds and stuff.
Sadly, there’s really no audience anymore for comics, especially in this place; on Facepunch, the only strong reactions to comics I’ve seen in recent years have been driven by nostalgia, for reposts of long-lost classics such as Apostasy or Jeff. I personally started to think that Facepunch has probably grown fatigued of my own Hercule Cubbage series, given that I keep getting diminishing number of replies and ratings per chapter. I don’t expect to post a lot of newer stuff here anymore because it’s just not worth the time and people seem to have stopped caring altogether.

I like scenebuilds, but I like to see creative ones. I hate generic military stuff with a bit of a passion, and unless it takes place in a really interesting scene, I mentally toss it aside.

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Wizy’s latest work being a good example of a really interesting setting.

I like scenebuilds in trollpose comics in 1-200 page threads.

I totally agree about the substance and depth differences between a single scenebuild and a comic. And it really sucks that I never got into writing comics. Writing in general has always been hard for me because I’ve got some kind of minor attention disorder that has something specific to do with writing itself. I can plan stuff and come up with a lot of ideas but when I start writing them on paper or typing them on a computer, I’ll write about a one page max. And I’ll never touch it again I just lose interest. It’s the main reason I just kept on doing scenebuilds for the past few years. I can make the dots, but I can’t connect them into an arc.

Like the Conquest. Had the whole story planned in my head. Started writing it on paper, wrote about couple of pages. Posed about 20% of it. Lost interest. Conclusion, two strips worth of material.

For a while now I’ve started to feel like it’s not really worth all the effort, like you said no matter how detailed they are, most people just glance at them and move on. And that’s mainly the people who know what garry’s mod is and how much shit you have to go through to pose a ragdoll so that it looks ‘natural’. Most people just seem to ignore them as art in general. And people who draw or pretty much create any other form of art almost seem to loathe it.

I have same problem as you. I made few pages of a fantasy story but I lost interest, too.
I am working on 2 comics right now but I lost interest on them too.
Even when I almost had a full equipment of Bundeswehr from year 1995, I lost interest.
Jeez, and I thought I am the only one with this problem.

Yes, the work in question for those who have not seen it


But in all seriousness, I agree. Military poses are getting boring. I like ones where you can’t help but wonder how the hell the person made it. The Mask is awesome at this, by the way. His scenebuilds look like movie stills on other planets.

Well, for what it’s worth, I appreciate knowing that there are people interested in making comics, despite whatever impediment they may face.

I voted screenshots/scenebuilds without realizing that I make comics XD. Should’ve voted comics. I personally never thought of myself as a comic maker despite my comics getting high ratings. I primarily post screenshots. The big difference that I know with comics is that I can convey humor/ideas much better with multiple slides instead of just one.

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I think comics is something Garry’s mod is pretty unique in.

Because revenge is begin