What do YOU like to see on deathrun.

Hello guys, so I am making a deathrun server to go along with my DarkRP. But I don’t want my community to just focus on DarkRP.

What could I add to make you want to play more and stay?

I already have:

  • Jukebox
  • Custom pointshop skin

Any ideas are nice :slight_smile:

Melee weapons>?

What like, when you finish a map you get some cool machete or something?

Something that makes the game a bit more fun/fair for new players, like maybe something to do while dead? Deathrun can feel very trial and error in places which means if you’re new, it’s a lot of time spent dead so maybe have little minigames or something for them

This is a good idea, I sometimes leave a busy Deathrun server if I die at the beginning, as I don’t want to have to sit spectating people for 5 minutes.

Agreed. Something like that old Kart gamemode for Garry’s Mod that had a lobby overwatching the track.

More then just running and clicking a button.