What Do You Listen To When You Map? v1

Title says it all. Tell us what you like to listen to when you map,:smug: or tell us what you don’t like to listen to.

Anyways I’ll start

:suicide: Why do people keep making these threads. There have been 3 in the past month or so.

Well you see the mapping section used to be a sewage dump you see? And when we struck gold a few months back people with the right “admission” tools producing maps were allowed in, unfortunately there were a few stragglers getting over the fences and flooding it, now their off-spring are filling it with useless threads, that’s why there was an influx of help threads about a months back.

That’s two, and you know I just posted because i didn’t read for other ones so if no one wants to post it in here fine. It’s here for the public.

This one is 3.

And an older one from February


Because I’m nice, I’ll post what I’m listening to right now.

Anything by Gorrillaz

Also dubstep and my friend got me listening to Metallica now :smiley:

variety of things from this:

Lost soundtracks. Probably because im a huge Lost fan and i get all kinds of feelings when i play it.

I like this:

Maybe because it says “The Inspiration” :smug:

Is that supposed to be your excuse? You’re supposed to read before you post a thread for the sake of preventing another worthless remake.

And because i’m…well…me…i’ll post this instead.

Read the thread list before making a new one. It’s like the help threads. I cannot understand why people will read an entire thread which is exactly what their problem is, but because it isn’t occurring on their exact system, they post yet another thread on the same subject.

We do not need floods of duplicate threads. It makes this place not only look messy, but make threads harder to find. That means we get more duplicates, and the people who could help with a problem can’t, because the thread is buried under threads like “post what you listen to” and “my windows are black”.

Have a look through the last few pages before duping.

Same, suprisingly. Saddest music I’ve ever heard.